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D's Chicken Delight / Mediterranean Grill


Quality lebanese food, in a unique environment
Smart business to introduce chicken first and then push to the lebanese cuisine. I have never tried the chicken, when I learned they had falafel I went right there. I went in at a slow time of day and talked to the owner, he asked me if I ever tried grape leaves, why yes I have(at a lebanese diner in europe with a lebanese friend!) and they are horrible! AH, the challenge! He told me to wait a few moments and out he comes with a plate of grape leaves and says, "TASTE!". I was changed, grape leaves here, are perfection. The do not have the horrible bitterness I have tasted in most every other grape leaf, and I highly recommend you try them at D's. Stuffed with rice and chicken, they are great alone or with the tzatziki. The hummus and baba ghanoush with pita crisps should not be missed either. Once can make a meal of stuffed grape leaves and the 'chips and dips'.

The location is a bit of a hole in the wall, but inside it is clean and more roomy and it looks on the outside.
Don't forget to get a baklava to go on your way out.