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D's Chicken Delight / Mediterranean Grill


And now for something completely different...
I love D's. I don't think I've ever had anything I haven't enjoyed at D's. The "sandwiches" (more like wraps) with chicken, pickles, lettuce and some kind of cucumber cream sauce are to die for. The stuffed grape leaves are sweet, tart and addicting. The Greek dressing on the side salads is one of my favorite salad dressings in Waco. Hummus--need I say more? I could eat hummus and pitas for days. And there's lamb! Delicious lamb in what's possibly the most unpretentious building in Waco. I can go in there in Nike shorts and a crappy Baylor shirt and not feel like I've brought down the value of everything on the menu.

D's simply delightful. Sure, you have to order at the counter and sometimes it takes a bit for your food to come out, but that's because they have to make it. The people running it are always friendly and always willing to explain the items on the menu to people looking to try something new. There's simply nowhere else like it in Waco.