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New location in Hewitt
Perhaps I caught it at a slow time, but we didn't have to wait at all at the new location in Hewitt. As a low-carb eater, I was very pleased to find a no-sugar-added option that was something other than vanilla. They had a chocolate option and fruit toppings that were actually fresh fruit, not drowning in heavy syrup. Delightful!

Of course, if you aren't watching sugar, then the selection is much, much broader. Everyone in my group of six found something they really liked.

too long to wait for overpriced self serve!
3 Spoons is good as far as self serve yogurt places go, but lets face it, it is overpriced and the lines are way too long. You can get faster service and less time waiting in line on LaSalle at the 'other' place as well as a lower price per ounce. It is the only place in the Highway 6 mega-mess so it has a huge corner on that market....somebody needs to open up another at the other end and compete!

Ooops! Meant to give it four stars.

Probiotic? More like PROBELLY.
Okay, okay, let me start off by saying I'm all for frozen yogurt. I like frozen ice cream, frozen custard, etc. and I don't like to discriminate. What's awesome about 3 Spoons is they lure you in with their well designed atmosphere and their super friendly staff. Before you know it, you're paying six bucks for "a little" bit of yogurt that you covered with healthy things, like strawberries, blueberries, sprinkles, and just a TEENY BIT of chocolate chips. I mean, come on.

They also cleverly blast you with healthy propaganda that all starts with Pro and ends with Awesome. By the time you walk out, you are patting yourself on the back for successfully pleasing your sweet tooth and your waistline.

BUT BE WARNED. You will eventually become addicted, eat frozen yogurt all the time, and no one will love you. True story.

All jokes aside, I loved 3 Spoons when it opened. I felt like I had found the metaphorical closet that leads to Narnia. Then, every sorostitute and her new BFF were there after every possible Crush, along with a ton of high school kids who went there to escape their middle class white lives. It's hard to be a teenager, okay?!
Vanilla Briceby

Hope you like long lines
I'm from Brenham, so I grew up with ice cream. REAL ice cream. The best on the planet. Thus, maybe I'm biased against these yogurt places, but I really don't understand the craze.

Yes, it's still new, but 3 Spoons always seems to be swarming with people, and there is never enough seating. The yogurt itself is OK, and the big draw appears to be the fact that you can top your dessert yourself. Mmmmmkay. Personally, I'm not so enamored with toppings that it's much of a big deal for me.

In fact, my suggestion would be this: Park at 3 Spoons, walk over to Cold Stone, get some ice cream there, and walk back. Perhaps you'll make up the difference in the nutritional value in the exercise. And you'll definitely eat better.

That said, I speak only for myself and not for my family. My wife and kids love 3 Spoons, but again, I think it's mostly for the novelty of the picking out and piling on of toppings.

Wait 45 for Self Serve....Nah, I'm Good
I know, I'm going against the grain here...but I'm not super impressed. It's SELF SERVE and I still have to wait 30-45 minutes? I seriously must come on the wrong mornings, afternoons, and nights because the line is always INSANE.
Not to mention, and nobody chew my head off, but I'm not crazy about the flavors. (Kudos for getting to try them beforehand though!) I'll stick with Oso's downtown. They seem to understand me.

Ice cream your way!
After hearing about 3 Spoons from so many of my friends, I caved and gave it a try. I was very impressed! The store is very clean and very simple to use. You grab your cup, pick your ice cream and toppings, then they weight and it you are done. Careful about what all you put in your cup because it can cost you the heavier it is. Overall, the price is still very reasonable, especially compared to other ice cream places in town that will remain nameless.

So believe the hype and give them a try! You will not regret it. My favorite combination...angel food yogurt with fresh strawberries, yogurt chips, and strawberry sauce. Mmmmm....

Do-It-Yourself Dessert
My wife and I went to 3 Spoons after lunch today. Although the end result is similar, this is definitely a different experience than Cold Stone Creamery.

3 Spoons is a do-it-yourself dessert place, offering a wide variety of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings. There are 14 individual frozen yogurt flavors, all stacked together into the double-dispenser machines that let you get either flavor individually or as a swirl of both. Once you've selected the flavor(s) of frozen yogurt and poured it into your cup, you have as wide a variety of toppings to choose from. Once again, you do it yourself, scooping as little or as much as you want.

I found the flavors of frozen yogurt to be quite nice, with a wide variety. There was everything from thin mint cookies (chocolate / mint), to apple pie, and a giner-citrus flavor. These weren't just variations on the classic vanilla and chocolate, but distinct flavors with nothing being duplicated in any of the 14 slots.

The selection of toppings was quite impressive, too. They had the standard candy bars, chocolate chips and nuts. But they also had captain crunch, cocoa puffs and bits of Andes Mints. Honestly, had I looked at the available toppings first, I would have chosen a different flavor of yogurt... yes, that's right - I would have designed my dessert around the toppings. That's just how good the topping selection is.

Once you've created your masterpiece, you set it on a scale and pay by weight.

What I don't like, though, was the constant marketing of this being a "healthy" desert. Yes, they do put live yogurt cultures into their frozen yogurt and yes, this does have some health benefit. The frozen yogurt in general has fewer calories than an ice cream equivalent (often by half if you believe the marketing of 3 spoons) as well. However, there is still a ton of sugar in the yogurt and if you add even a small amount of toppings (other than the nuts), you are significantly increasing and possibly canceling out the benefit in comparison to ice cream.

The "cups" (bowls) the provide are also somewhat mis-leasing from a psychology perspective. There is only 1 size of bowl, which would be the largest size that Cold Stone offers, you are left to your own judgment about how much or how little to put in it. It's common in restaurants and food service to do this, because it makes you feel like you are getting a better value for money. In truth, though, you end up spending more on something that you need less of because of the psychological effects that the larger serving bowl has. When you have such a large bowl, it takes significantly more yogurt to make the bowl look it it has anything substantial in it, and thus you end up putting more in than you thought you did.

In the end, it was fun and tasty. I like the idea of being able to get any / all of the frozen yogurts and toppings, as I see fit. I hope they do well and I expect that I'll be back on a fairly regular basis.

Guilty Pleasure
I love 3 Spoons (or any yogurt buffet for that matter). I'm glad business is booming, but I long for the days when 3 Spoons just opened and the line didn't wind around the block every night.

The Latest and Greatest
Everyone in Waco is talking about the frozen yogurt here and it is the perfect spot for an after-dinner treat (if you don't mind waiting in a line that is out the door!). It is very good, but it is also easy to go WAY overboard! The yogurt and toppings (of which there are many choices of fresh fruits and various candies) are self serve and you pay by the ounce at the end. The key to getting out the door without paying $8 for a cup of deliciousness is self control.

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