User Review

3 Spoons


Probiotic? More like PROBELLY.
Okay, okay, let me start off by saying I'm all for frozen yogurt. I like frozen ice cream, frozen custard, etc. and I don't like to discriminate. What's awesome about 3 Spoons is they lure you in with their well designed atmosphere and their super friendly staff. Before you know it, you're paying six bucks for "a little" bit of yogurt that you covered with healthy things, like strawberries, blueberries, sprinkles, and just a TEENY BIT of chocolate chips. I mean, come on.

They also cleverly blast you with healthy propaganda that all starts with Pro and ends with Awesome. By the time you walk out, you are patting yourself on the back for successfully pleasing your sweet tooth and your waistline.

BUT BE WARNED. You will eventually become addicted, eat frozen yogurt all the time, and no one will love you. True story.

All jokes aside, I loved 3 Spoons when it opened. I felt like I had found the metaphorical closet that leads to Narnia. Then, every sorostitute and her new BFF were there after every possible Crush, along with a ton of high school kids who went there to escape their middle class white lives. It's hard to be a teenager, okay?!