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3 Spoons

Vanilla Briceby

Hope you like long lines
I'm from Brenham, so I grew up with ice cream. REAL ice cream. The best on the planet. Thus, maybe I'm biased against these yogurt places, but I really don't understand the craze.

Yes, it's still new, but 3 Spoons always seems to be swarming with people, and there is never enough seating. The yogurt itself is OK, and the big draw appears to be the fact that you can top your dessert yourself. Mmmmmkay. Personally, I'm not so enamored with toppings that it's much of a big deal for me.

In fact, my suggestion would be this: Park at 3 Spoons, walk over to Cold Stone, get some ice cream there, and walk back. Perhaps you'll make up the difference in the nutritional value in the exercise. And you'll definitely eat better.

That said, I speak only for myself and not for my family. My wife and kids love 3 Spoons, but again, I think it's mostly for the novelty of the picking out and piling on of toppings.