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As far as greasy burgers go, pretty good.
I prefer thick and juicy burgers made over flames. DUBL-R makes theirs the greasy way. A thin patty smashed on a flat grill cooking in it's own grease. When you get your burger it's pretty fresh as it was on the grill one minute before it was in your mouth. The fries are basic fries, nothing special, but that doesn't mean they aren't good. This is a great traditional burger dive. Friendly staff too!

Dear Guy Fieri...... need to come visit Waco and Dubl-r Burger. I really expect to see a place like this on his show, 'Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives' one day. It's that kind of place. One of the first things I noticed upon walking through the door were the fresh balls of meat they were pulling out of the box and began forming them into meat patties. The six girls in my group stuck out slightly especially since none of us had never been there. The cheeseburger basket was recommended and we were not disappointed! It was very juicy by the time our food arrived (pretty quick for the busy place). Definitely fresh! Definintly waiting Guys arrival someday!

Burger Time
This place has fantastic pieces of meat. Let me clarify that by saying that (as other reviewers have mentioned) these are freshly made patties! No frozen meats here. Just delicious, diner-style burgers and fries.

I recommend going for the double-double, meat and cheese only the first time. Gives you the full flavor of the meat without any other stuff getting in the way! Just make sure you get a tasty beverage to wash it down with!

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Some Dang Good Burgers
So today my dad & I went to Double-R burgers. It had been a couple of years since Id been & I was craving a burger so what better place to go.

When you first walk in you’re hit with the aroma of fried food and burgers. Then you are greeted by a couple of nice ladies who seem to enjoy their work and have a good time. I ordered their double-double with cheese, pickles and mayo with a side of onion rings. Before I sat down I noticed they pulled their patties out of a large plastic tub stacked up, fresh (not frozen)… as they should be.

Went and sat in the back where they had some air flowing, was a little warm in the front where the cooking is. As we waited, there was a rather loud table behind us of these older folks. Couldn’t figure out how to arrange the table for everyone to sit down. Then out of no-where, one of the ladies pulls out a hand full of diet Dr. Peppers, like the bloody Mary Poppins of soda. Was freaking hilarious, then half way through our meal I see her pull out like 3 more. Craziness.

The food came, wasn’t a very long wait… and it got busy while sitting there. The burger was hot and steaming the rings were fresh, looked like hand battered… not like any frozen I’ve ever seen. Once the burger cooled down enough to bite down on, it tasted pretty damn good. The meat was flavorful, juicy, well cooked and still steaming minutes after words. I noticed they toasted the buns, top and bottom… a lot of places don’t toast the top portion of it. The onion rings were nice and crispy, had a good flavor and the onions weren’t chewy. Really enjoyed the meal, and believe they have the best burgers in Waco, will definitely be going back again soon.

Dirty favorite
Greasy griddle in an old depression era lean-to building. How can this burger be anything else but fantastic. Slap that burger and flip it around, let me get a peak before it touches the....griddle.

You know what I'm saying. This is a burger joint at it's finest. Don't over think this just go there. Ask them to pepper the meet while cooking it and put mustard on the bun and then put it on the griddle.

A Winner
Hands down, the best burger in the city limits.

From the atmosphere to the product, it's a staple to the lunch rotation. If you like a good greasy burger with a huge selection of sizes, this is the place.

I will say, they're a little stingy on the amount of tater tots they give. Not sure what that's if you're in the need for a large dose of potato carb, then go with the fries. They're more generous with those.

If you're on the no carb way of eating, they'll even do your entire burger without a bun! It's a nice alternative.

RR is consistent and fair priced. Go now.

Good food - messy and unclean
Burgers are really good. Fries are really good.

Kind of hard to find a seat and I find hairs in my food from the cook from time to time.
They just need to clean up and they would be great!

Down home perfection
Home made greasy burger-in-a-basket for not much cash!
this place is truly a hole in the wall but it is so worth a visit.
The combos are cheep and the whole place is very local

It is usually crowded at meal time and that is a great popularity indicator here!
I personally used to go here for off campus lunch- they are quick, cheep, and so worth it.

Best Burger In Town
This is the best burger joint in town...Great food for a great price...Get there early to beat the crowd!!!

A Hole-In-The-Wall not to be missed
I'll admit that I've only been there once, but it was an awesome burger and onion rings.

The place is a tiny little hole that doesn't hold many people and had a line out the door and around the corner when I got there.

Definitely worth the trek.

Best Burger in Waco
That's about all there is to say, best burger in Waco, I think that is a pretty good title to have.

Greasy goodness.
Dubl-R has the best burger in Waco. The decor and location might be a little subpar, but you can't get a better old-school handmade greasy patty anywhere else. Get the basket with tots and sweet tea. A+

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