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As announced at the 4x200 Celebration on Saturday and on the blog yesterday, Monike Garabieta claimed the sweepstakes grand prize, taking home the iPad2 from the party at Poppa Rollo's

But she wasn't the only winner. Far from it. We had an outstanding group of door prizes, which made for some happy partygoers.

Here's the list of restaurants who gave door prizes and the diners who walked away with them.

Many have asked me today how our 4x200 Celebration went on Saturday night.

My answer? It was a can't miss. Get together a bunch of loyal and kind WacoFork followers, give them pizza and throw in a chance to win some great door prizes from awesome restaurants all around town and it's a guaranteed good time.

Thanks to the folks at Poppa Rollo's, including Brian, Luis and Poppa Rollo himself, Roland Duty (pictured). They made it a smooth and fun night and, of course, they made delicious pizza as usual.

It became completely necessary, for a variety of reasons, for me to pick up some food for lunch on Thursday. And because I was headed out of town for the rest of the day and I wanted to continue Mexican Food Week, it was completely necessary to pick up Mexican food.

So where does one pick up Mexican food?

I used to cover sports and I loved it … some of the time. I have to say this new gig is every bit as enjoyable, especially when I've arbitrarily declared it to be "Mexican Food Week."

For the third installment of "Mexican Food Week," my friend Star De La Cruz joined me as we dined at Tres on 6th Street for the first time.

The good people at Tres, Luis and Cesar Ramirez and Sabrina Comacho, took good care of us, recommending the buena vista fajitas — delicious combination fajitas served with a healthy portion of cheese enchiladas — and the biggest chili relleno I've ever seen.

One of these days, hopefully pretty soon, WacoFork will be able to declare a lunch rush at a local restaurant and bring enough business to fill up our place of choice.

When that time comes, it will probably look and feel a lot like the lunch I just attended. On Sunday, University Baptist Church community pastor Craig Nash announced from the stage that we would have a lunch meet up at Taqueria El Crucero on Tuesday.

What happened? We took over El Crucero.

I'm declaring this week "Mexican Food Week" on the blog.

I will eat Mexican food every day at least once whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Given my usual dietary tendencies, it's not that much of a departure from my normal routine.

The point is this week I'm going to eat Mexican food on multiple occasions for a reason and on somewhat of a schedule.

Just a quick update before I head out to Friday night happy hour and a movie on a fine June evening in our fine town.

The 4x200 Celebration door prizes continue to roll in as we've added items from the The Olive Branch, Cafe Homestead, Tony DeMaria's and Cafe Viejo San Juan.

So far, we've had 71 of you tell us you're coming to our party on Saturday, June 18 at Poppa Rollo's. We can fit 150 into the room, so we're almost half way to sold out. Go to our event site and claim your free ticket. Remember we'll have pizza, T-shirts until we run out, we're going to announce the winner of the iPad2 and we're getting more door prizes every day. So everybody is going to be a winner one way or another.

By Eleanor Lewis, WacoFork guest blogger

I have been gluten-free since February 2011. As of now, that isn't a very impressive date, but check back in, say, 10 years. It's going to look like a major accomplishment.

What does that mean? To go gluten-free?

Firstly, what is gluten? Gluten is a protein that is formed in some grains. Wheat, barley, rye, (and pretty much anything else they make bread out of) have gluten in them. Goodbye bread, goodbye pasta, goodbye pizza, crackers, cookies, cake, and pie. But that's not all! You can also say goodbye to anything that has "modified food starch" in it. Or, how about "natural flavors?" MSG? Dextrin? Malt (which is made out of barley)? What about beer? What about soy sauce?

We announced on Tuesday that we want you to come to our party, eat pizza and win prizes.

We meant it and to that end, we're starting to gather a cornucopia of door prizes (that's the first time I've ever written the word cornucopia in a sentence; I had to look up how to spell it).

So far we have door prizes from Oso's Oh So Good Yogurt, Captain Billy Whizzbang's, Uncle Dan's, Salty Dog and Uncorked — all of which will make a nice bonus for your entertainment budget. Remember we'll also be announcing the winner of the iPad2 and we'll have brand spanking new WacoFork T-shirts.

All you have to do is let us know you're coming by claiming a free ticket here.

If WacoFork ever fields a baseball team — or more likely a slow-pitch softball team — there's no doubt who our ringer will be.

Soon after we launched WacoFork in April, former Baylor and current Fort Worth Cats pitcher Wade Mackey jumped on board. Before he left to join the Cats in early May, he wrote a healthy helping of reviews and has continued to support our site. I ran into Wade on Saturday night as he made the trip down to Waco after pitching the Cats to an 8-3 win over the Amarillo Sox.

As soon as I saw him, I realized I had failed to take his advice that I check out the Oso burrito at Taqueria El Crucero. So I rectified that situation on Tuesday.