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I ordered the was frozen and extremely over fried. My friends got the hot dogs and those were decent. They were heated up, smothered in the chili that had been sitting there all day, and then had semi fresh toppings. Only bottled beer and their clientele were somewhat shady. If you want a true Waco experience than go to George's.

That Dirty Dirty Dog
So we’ve got a new bar and grill here in Town, called the Salty Dog. Its basically a sports bar, with plenty of TVs and sports memorabilia. It has a very nice patio with an outside bar and some seating (besides the bar seats). The inside has two large separate bars, plenty of seating around them and plenty of tables too~ very comfortable, even when crowded.

I’ve been there twice during the night time for some drinks, with friends. Always had great service and Ive met Randy and Richard, the owner and head manager, both are real nice guys. The bartenders are good at checking up on you and making their drinks, even got a few cute female bartenders *wink wink*. The place just has an over all great atmosphere.

Today I went to actually try some of their food. Most of their menu, as of now, consists of Burgers~ can even get a burger salad. I decided to try their Mouth of the South Burger along with their fries.

~~Mouth of the South Burger: 8oz patty, topped with pepper jack cheese, guacamole, homemade salsa, grilled jalapeno peppers and onions.~~
I ordered this, minus the onions, as I’m not a fan of raw onions on burgers.
It was cooked very well (not well as in doneness, but in quality). The burger was juicy, the salsa and guacamole, combined with the cheese and jalapenos… was just great. All tasted fresh and most of it was probably made in house. I would definitely order this burger again… and probably try to make one of my own at home. The fries were good, better than most places~ nicely crunchy and great flavor.

While I was eating the bartender was trying to get one of her friends to order their hot dog… her friend didn’t, but one of the other patrons did. Let me tell ya, this hot dog is nothing to just mess around with. It is huge and topped with all kinds of stuff. Might have to take a friend and order this some time.

--Ive been back a few times more to try their lunch specials like their hamburger steak, chicken fried chicken and to try other items on their regular turkey menu like the turkey burger, catfish, Philly cheese steak, salad burgers and other burgers. Pretty much every item Ive gotten there I have enjoyed. My stand by is their Philly cheese steak. Its not exactly a traditional one, but it still has good quality meat, good cheese, nice bun and fresh peppers and onions. Along with their fries, it is a tasty meal for a good price. On days I feel like I need to “diet” Ill chow down on the turkey burger which is really tasty or Ill get one of their salads with whatever kinda burger I feel like.

They haven’t been running the lunch specials much lately, but I enjoyed it when they did. They almost always put out a good, cheap and filling meal and it always brought in a decent crowd at lunch time. Hopefully they'll start them back up soon, cause I enjoyed trying the different things I made up... never got old.

I defiantly recommend this place for lunch and for an after hours drink (or two of three).

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"Where is that?"
Salty Dog has come up in a few of my conversations lately and everyone asks the same question, "Where/What the heck is that?" I've been to Salty Dog a few times, and every time I go I'm shocked that there are a decent number of people inside. Who is going here when no one knows where it is? Who are they marketing to? Who do they WANT to dine/drink here? I don't know. It's a strange hodgepodge of Baylor/MCC students, post-game golfers, big groups of locals, and "Oh look, there's a family in the corner." I kind of feel special like I know the right wardrobe to Narnia when I open the door and voila!

The menu is typical bar food, the atmosphere is good w/ somewhere around 20 TVs all around, and everything is reasonably priced. Honestly, it's kind of far away and I'm not sure if the drive for Baylor students is worth it when they can go ahead and go to Cricket's or Dancing Bear, but I do think more people should consider Salty Dog a viable option for drinks and game watching.

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