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Cory and I met at Shorty's yesterday because he was posting the new WacoFork Club sticker ahead of the club's debut next week.

Shorty's has become one of the most popular meet up spots in town, particularly among the cool kids that I know. That's one reason we're so excited to have the pizza shack on board for WacoFork Club.

Shorty's is offering half-priced knots on Tuesdays. A knot is Shorty's pizza dough tied in a knot, deep fried and tossed in Shorty's Italian spices blend. I haven't had them as I always go for a couple of slices off the slice board, but I'm going to have to try them now. So the WacoFork Club is already working for me.

The WacoFork Club will officially begin officially launched on August 15.

Before I get into this next restaurant on the list of participating WacoFork Club restaurants, I wanted to let you know that we just added 5 more restaurants to the list yesterday! We intended to feature all of our participating restaurants before Monday's launch, but it looks like we'll be featuring them into next week. This club is a living thing that will continue to grow long after we launch. We will keep adding restaurants and deals as long as there are restaurants that want to participate.

The next restaurant in the ever-growing list of WacoFork Club participating restaurants is a Waco institution: Captain Billy Whizzbang's. I've been eating at Whizzbang's (true Wacoans call it "Whizzbang's" because who has time to say the whole name?) for as long as I can remember. I can still remember eating at Whizzbang's in their little hole-in-the-wall location on Waco Drive when I was a kid, getting a Coke in a glass bottle and watching them cook a dozen burgers on the flat iron grill behind the counter.

The next WacoFork Club non-profit partner is Methodist Children's Home (MCH).

MCH was established in 1890, and although their name has changed through the years and their program of care has adapted to the needs of those they serve, Methodist Children’s Home remains true to their mission to offer hope to children, youth and families through a nurturing, Christian community. Founded in 1890, MCH is a nationally accredited, nonprofit childcare ministry affiliated with the six United Methodist Annual Conferences of Texas and New Mexico.

Next on our list of restaurants participating in the WacoFork Club is Co-Town Crépes.

Co-Town Crépes is a food truck with a spot in the "siloteria" back behind the Magnolia silos along with a regular spot at the Waco Downtown Farmer's Market. They offer a variety of delicious sweet and savory crépes to suit any appetite made with fresh ingredients.

We are really excited about this the World Cup Café participating in the WacoFork Club because of its impact on its neighborhood and the local community.

The World Cup Café opened in January of 2006, and was started by Mission Waco as "a way to bring residents from North Waco together with middle-income folks in this revitalizing community."The purpose of the World Cup Café is to offer a friendly site promoting community relationships, global concern, job training, and neighborhood economic development.

Along with great local restaurants that offer awesome discounts to WacoFork Club members, we are also partnering with some fantastic local non-profit organizations to help raise awareness about these organizations and raise much needed funds. For each WacoFork Club membership that is purchased, we will donate $10 to one of our non-profit partners.

As with our restaurants, we are announcing our non-profit partners 1-by-1 this week. First up is Caritas of Waco.

I'm pumped to have Crazy Horse Grill on board for the WacoFork Club that makes its debut next week.

Crazy Horse has been up and running for almost a year now as it heads into its second fall. It's usually located in the beer garden at the Dancing Bear Pub, though Crazy Horse is also available for private gigs. It's adventurous yet accessible cuisine served in the most relaxed possible atmosphere.

While Crazy Horse offers an impressive variety of dishes (I really dig the disco fries), their tacos are a can't miss. For WacoFork Club, they're offering $1 off tacos. My favorite are the Korean Tacos.

The WacoFork Club will officially begin officially launched on August 15.

The next local favorite that will be participating in the WacoFork Club is Xristo's Cafe, the Greek food truck at that anchors the spot at University Parks and Franklin Ave.

Xristo's debuted at Winter Wonderland in December 2013 before setting up shop at its current location in March 2014. This truck was an instant hit, brining delicious and healthy Greek cuisine to a market in need of some culture.

The next restaurant in our series introducing the restaurants participating in the WacoFork Club is Luna Juice Bar.

Luna Juice Bar is a food truck that offers cold pressed juices, smoothies, and other fresh, healthy treats back behind the Magnolia Silos in the "siloteria." If you haven't had a smoothie from Luna Juice Bar, you're missing out. Everything they serve is made with fresh ingredients with no additives, preservatives, or added sugars. The juices and smoothies are so good, it almost feels like cheating because you know what they give you will be healthy.

Carrying on with our series of introducing restaurants that are participating in the WacoFork Club, the next stop is 3 Spoons Yogurt.

3 Spoons kicked off the great Waco yogurt wars of 2011 when it opened its first Waco location at Central Texas Marketplace. It was the first of the build-your-own-yogurt options available in Waco, offering a self-serve wall of a variety of flavors that you can mix and match, and a buffet of toppings you can pile on to your yogurt to build your own custom creation. They added a second location in Hewitt not long after the first, and both locations are still going strong.