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WacoFork Club Restaurants - 3 Spoons Yogurt

August 5, 2016 | Cory Webb | Profiles
WacoFork Club Restaurants - 3 Spoons Yogurt

Carrying on with our series of introducing restaurants that are participating in the WacoFork Club, the next stop is 3 Spoons Yogurt.

3 Spoons kicked off the great Waco yogurt wars of 2011 when it opened its first Waco location at Central Texas Marketplace. It was the first of the build-your-own-yogurt options available in Waco, offering a self-serve wall of a variety of flavors that you can mix and match, and a buffet of toppings you can pile on to your yogurt to build your own custom creation. They added a second location in Hewitt not long after the first, and both locations are still going strong.

Everyone remembers their first time at 3 Spoons. So young and naive, you start filling your cup with creamy goodness and smother it with an endless array of delicious toppings. The do-it-yourself freedom is intoxicating. "You mean I can put any toppings I want, and they won't charge me for the extra toppings?" we think to ourselves, only to discover a scale at the end of the line that they use to weigh our concoctions to calculate the price. I'm pretty sure my first trip through the line at 3 Spoons resulted in a $10 bowl of yogurt, and I didn't regret 1 cent of it. So good, and so worth it.

Older and wiser, I now take a more measured approach to 3 Spoons, though I can't say the same for my 3 kids. Starting August 15, WacoFork Club members can indulge their aggressive sweet tooth because 3 Spoons is offering 10% off your yogurt, crepe, or shaved ice purchase, so the more you buy, the more you save. It's almost irresponsible not to load up. If you go to 3 Spoons as much as we do, the amount you save with this deal alone will cover the price of a WacoFork Club membership very quickly.