One More Bite

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We're happy to have a true Waco tradition on the WacoFork Club list as both George's locations are along for the ride.

George's is offering free chips and salsa with the purchase of an entree (limit one per table).

I have access to all the deals for the upcoming launch of WacoFork Club and I just sort of did a doubletake when I looked up the deal for Pinewood Roasters

They're offering a free drip coffee or espresso with the purchase of whole bean coffee. Additionally, they're giving 10 percent off their early bird special between 7-8 a.m. on Saturdays. Those are dang good deals.

Mmmmm... cupcakes. I just can't get over how delicious these cupcakes look in this picture from our next participating WacoFork Club restaurant, Cuppiecakes.

Cuppiecakes is a cool little bakery in McGregor serving up delicious cupcakes, cakes, and sandwiches. They also make custom cakes and cupcakes for special events. Go check out their website to see some of the awesome cake designs they've made.

When we decided to partner with non-profit organizations for the WacoFork Club, we thought this would be a great opportunity to help local non-profit organizations raise much needed funds. What we hadn't considered was that this was also agreat opportunity to help raise awareness about some of the great organizations in town and the amazing work they are doing. Getting the chance to partner with the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children has helped me to see the importance of raising awareness about these great organizations, and I'm excited that the WacoFork Club will help us do just that.

Downtown Waco has been revitalized over the past few years, and The Hippodrome has had a huge impact on that revitalization. It also happens to be the next participating restaurant in the WacoFork Club.

The Hippodrome has a rich history in downtown Waco, and few spots downtown are as recognizable as this iconic landmark at the corner of 8th and Austin. Many Wacoans have fond memories of attending The Hippodrome for movies, plays, concerts, and other great entertainment, and we were thrilled when it was announced that The Hippodrome was purchased and would be remodeled and converted to a dine-in theater with a bar and a restaurant.

Sometimes things just line up perfectly. I've been enjoying the Olympics and writing WacoFork Club blogs this week. Today, I planned to write about Off the Cob Popcorn and realized some cheddar cheese popcorn would make an excellent Olympic viewing snack. 

That, as they say, is a bingo.

Chad and I have been friends with the founders of Jesus Said Love (JSL) for a long time, and we are excited to work with them as one of the non-profit partners for the WacoFork Club.

JSL was founded in 2003 by Brett and Emily Mills (of Adele parody viral video fame), 2 Baylor graduates leading worship at Christian conferences. JSL goes into strip clubs across Texas, builds relationships with commercial sex exploits without strings attached, and connects them to community and spiritual resources.

Man, we could call the WacoFork Club the WacoFoodTruck Club. We got a bunch of the awesome trucks around town to join with us on this deal. In particular, the one, the only Club Sandwich.

Club Sandwich has been working it around town for a couple of years now and developed a loyal following. I realize all these folks coming into town are here to purchase slightly worn, but somehow swanky home decor. But I bet if they stop by Club Sandwich while at the silos, they're like "dang, this place is big-time value added."

You'll have a great afternoon of shopping after eating a delicious lunch at the next restaurant in the list of WacoFork Club restaurants - Sironia Cafe.

The first thing most people think of when they hear about Sironia is shopping among the variety of boutiques inside, and you might not immediately think of their fantastic cafe right in the middle of the store. The shops at Sironia offer a great selection of gifts, candles, cards, jewelry, furniture, and clothing, brining a fun shopping experience to their historic location on Austin Avenue. But they also have a great restaurant inside, and we are excited that they have decided to participate in the WacoFork Club!

We are really excited to partner with a great organization like Fuzzy Friends Rescue as one of the non-profit partners for the WacoFork Club.

Fuzzy Friends Rescue believes that animals, as living creatures are entitled to a quality life, respect and compassion. Since humans have domesticated animals, we have a moral and ethical responsibility to care for the animals. Our mission is to provide shelter, food, medical treatment and love to our community’s animals that are abandoned, unwanted, or otherwise in need. We want to instill in our community an awareness of the animals whose world we share; encouraging and promoting responsible pet ownership.