bylilypad1213, August 2, 2012
The lean sliced brisket plate I had was not stellar.

The beef was dry and tasted like lighter fluid.

The white potato salad was as good as usual.

The service was friendly and fast, but the brisket was disappointing. And isn't that why you get bbq?
bylilypad1213, October 14, 2011
20 minutes in the drive thru for one, small, flat greasy burger and an order of ice cream?

They gave me the ice cream at the beginning of the 20 minute wait so it was nearly melted when I got home.

The $2.59 they charged for the "Hunger Buster Jr." was waaay overpriced.

Disappointing and won't chance it again
bylilypad1213, September 10, 2011
While I don't feel as strongly as the other reviewer, I get where he's coming from. I think "fair" is too strong, as is "very poor." I would say "missed the mark."

A recent experience at dinner was disappointing. I had not been to OTB in quite sometime. I remember it being good.

The salsa, while fresh, was far too hot for me. If there was a "mild" option we were not offered that. I could not eat it. To be fair, I didn't ask either.

The chicken enchiladas with rice and refried beans were nearly inedible because they were so salty! Mexican food does not have to be over salted! The rice tasted like it came from a box.

The queso was quite good and the chips average. I prefer thin and these were not.

The service was outstanding. We were greeted and seated immediately and our waitress was over immediately with a smile and was attentive and terrific. We received our food in minutes.

If only the food were as good as the service!! I don't know when I will venture back. Next time, I will go elsewhere when I have a Tex Mex craving.
bylilypad1213, September 3, 2011
We had a trainee server but that was not the problem. She was learning the ropes and I'm patient with that kind of thing, especially since I have a college student daughter who waits tables. Service was not the issue. It was the food.

The onion blossom was SMALL for our group of five and just not that good. It was hot, but the breading not thick and not quite as tasty as usual. The ranch was good and fresh and they were courteous enough to bring extra for our good sized group.

The green beans were very, very salty. Too salty to eat, really and I like salt.

The rolls were small and not as fresh, hot and flavorful as usual. They were kind of dry.

I have never had the baked sweet potato before and that was probably a taste thing. It was very, very sweet and not to my liking. Next time I'll stick with the regular baked potato.

My steak, a 6 oz. sirloin medium well, was cooked properly and that was probably the best tasting thing I had. It was over salted as well, but not enough to keep me from eating it like the green beans.

I will go back. It may have been an off Saturday and the ONLY time I have been disappointed in TR, but I will wait awhile.
bylilypad1213, May 31, 2011
Bangkok Royal
Ate lunch here today for the first time in well over a year. No reason, just haven't gotten back.

I had the #7 Cashew Chicken with jasmine rice and soup. Some of the chicken in the dish tasted "old," and the portion seemed smaller than I remember. Next time I think I'll try the tofu in the #7. The soup was good and the spring roll excellent.

The iced Thai Coffee was strong and somewhat bitter. I don't remember it being bitter before, but have not ordered it in awhile.

Service was a little better than average probably because it was not crowded.

Being a holiday weekend, things may have been off a bit. I'm hoping my next visit will be as good as I remember.
bylilypad1213, May 14, 2011
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Service is always bad. Will not go back. How they stay in business is beyond me.