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Joined WacoFork just to review this place!
My husband and I are visiting from out of state. We drove 1900 miles to get out of the epic snow of the mountains of Utah. We have eaten at a lot of different 'local' places (which we prefer when we're on the road), and this place is by far, hands down, the BEST food we have had on our trip so far (and probably for the rest of the trip as well!). We both had very different items, he had the turkey wrap with sweet potato fries (which was a really great call! They were delicious), and I had the Santa Fe Chicken salad and I'm glad I chose this meal. It was delicious. It was much bigger than I expected and was able to take some home for dinner that night. It was all in all our best 'food' stop of the journey!
(And the arts and craft village was sooo great to see! Spent most of the day visiting the various craft buildings. It's well worth the visit!)

Price okay. Food and Service Amazing
Cafe Homestead food is amazing, but what about the price? The menu, its variety of flavors for the food, and friendly service is what makes this restaurant amazing. I went to Cafe Homestead with a group and there was a miscommunication with the server and the kitchen. I waited an extra ten min for my food while my group was eating. Instead of the server just apologizing, I got a free dessert instead. Even without that situation the service is amazing. Even with all these good things as a college student, having to pay about twenty dollars for a burger was just a little bit more than what I intended to pay. In the end,the fresh and organic food is worth the twenty dollars in the end for a burger.

Best food in town!! Friendly Staff!!

Quality Burgers
I feel as I shouldn't write this review as I can't remember what I've gotten for breakfast there. I know it was good, but just can't remember. What I do remember is the hamburger. Best I've had in Waco yet. I prefer the thick and juicy burgers and this did not disappoint at all. When I eat a burger I have a process. I eat most of it like a burger should be eaten, together. Then for the last few bites, I take the burger apart. I take note of how fresh the veggies and bun are, how good the cheese is, and how good the meat is. I mainly pay attention to the last one. With most burgers, the meat alone can't pass for anything I would prefer to eat. This meat though is great. It's quality, not too greasy, not dry, and cooked how I like. The flavor is great!

Also, they have the best coffee I've had in Waco, I remember that about breakfast.

Incredible Food, Incredible
Cafe Homestead has incredible, natural food. This restaurant is a refreshing break from over-processed meats and limp lettuce. The staff make you feel right at home with their sweet smiles and friendly, genuine conversations. I will definitely be going back to Cafe Homestead many times!

Truly an experience
Homestead Heritage has never done me wrong after a friend of mine turned me in their direction almost a year ago. Fresh, locally grown produce, all grass fed beef, and all prepared with the kind of love and attention that makes Cafe Homestead a truly rare experience in today's dining world. You can't go wrong with any of their burgers, and I love literally everything on their menu (I've had it all). Don't leave without trying one of the stellar desserts or homemade ice cream. I'm usually a total snob when it comes to food, especially when it pertains to a restaurant that lauds itself being organic and local. You will not be disappointed with the experience Cafe Homestead brings. The people there are also more than happy to explain what it truly means to live in a sustainable community. After lunch, take a stroll around the many cool workshops and gift shops that adorn the property.

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Possibly the best place in the area
While this is not technically in Waco, it is well worth the drive!
Pastrami melt? simply the best beef pastrami I have ever tasted, along with that it comes with fresh baked bread and their wonderful cheese.

Daily specials rotate around a lot, all I have tried are good. The BBQ plate is very good, while it is not traditional BBQ fare, it is the best I have had in Waco, and the BBQ sauce is made there and very good.
While there you should ask about their dinner events, they are more frequent now, and if you want some good food in a great atmosphere, you simply will not go wrong with a Cafe homestead dinner!

Hidden gem of waco
This was my first time at Cafe Homestead and I am pleased to say they have made a friend for life! The food is absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection, and the atmosphere is so captivating. The staff was friendly and attentive, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. My only complaint is that I wish I had heard about Cafe Homestead years ago! so good! I promise you will not be disappointed!

A Must-Go for Waco!
Those of you who read my reviews (because I'm so important and interesting, right?) know that I'm picky. I'll eat anything, but then I feel free to critique it ad nausea, like the famous anecdote about the patron trying to get a refund:

Patron: "I demand my money back!"
Manager: "What seems to be the problem?"
Patron: "My dinner was horrible! None of it had any taste really, and the flavors that were there evoked mud more than anything else."
Manager: "Anything else?"
Patron: "Oh, the worst thing of all was how small the portions were."

Fortunately, this will NEVER...never...never ever ever EVER be a set of complaints that you will hear about Cafe Homestead.

The portions are perfectly sized, not too big and not too small, and the food is phenomenal! That is not to say that it is intricate or fancy or elevated in some particular way. Instead, the quality comes from the fact that it tunes so closely and deftly to the heart and soul of the dishes being served.

I don't know if the quality lays solely with the abundance of locally produced ingredients, but everything tastes more of itself than elsewhere.

My only complaint would be that I can't seem to find a babysitter when they do the Farm to Table dinners!

My Favorite!
Incredible! I went for the second time today. I wish I could order one of everything on the menu. Can I go on the Cafe Homestead diet; not meant for losing weight but for eating locally grown food and enjoying every bite? It's obvious they are passionate about serving people and creating well-rounded plates. The Special this week is a Greek plate with chicken medallions on grilled flatbread. On another note, I also had them cater our office breakfast meeting yesterday.

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I erased my original title because it might offend.
This place will be a classic in Waco if it keeps serving great fresh food in a beautiful location. I felt like I was in Disney World or something because everything was so clean and well kept. The service is fantastic and the food was flavorful.

This is a place to take an out of towner for sure. Or your Mom when she comes in to visit. Or someone elses mom.

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Favorite meal of all time
I dream about eating at Cafe Homestead. Literally. The food is so fresh and thoughtfully prepared that I can't imagine how we've been messing up food everywhere else for so long. Seriously, compare your favorite fast food burger (or any burger, for that matter) with this one and watch how blown away you are. They raise the meat organically, grind the grain fresh to fresh make the bread for the bun, have organic veggies to put on it, and my dad says the mayonnaise was the best he's ever tasted (for those misfortunate people who enjoy mayonnaise!). Wonderful experience.

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So fresh! I feel healthy just reading the menu.
This, by far, is one of the best restaurant experiences I've ever had. I usually tend to get the burger and nibble off the bf's plate. Their sweet potato fries are cooked perfectly and the burgers are indescribable. I always leave satisfied and a little too full.
While waiting for my food to arrive, I usually browse the goodies (i.e. pecan pie bars, homemade ice cream, cheeses, breads, etc.) I usually buy a few of these as well since Homestead is quite a bit aways. It feels good to eat at a place where organic is offered.
If you ever have any extra time, you should definitely go for a walk on the grounds. I've taken a liking to the baby goats.

Explosion of Taste!
Love, Love, Love!

So Good!

All the ingredients are fresh and prepared naturally and on site. The South of the Border Burger is an explosion of taste in your mouth.

Vanilla Briceby

Fresh and fantastic
Ever partake of something at a restaurant that is so delicious that you can't ever bear to order anything else? That's me at Homestead. I feel like Billy Crystal in "The Ref" — how's that for an obscure movie reference? — when he can't ever order anything but chicken parmigiana.

The dish that captures my fancy at HH is a burger called the quesadilla burger. It's a simple burger topped with a poblano pepper and an intoxicating, creamy taco sauce. The burger never fails to be juicy and scrumptious. (Seriously, have a napkin nearby).

But everything is good at Homestead. On my last visit, there were 10 of us, and everyone LOVED their dishes. Everything on the menu is organic and comes straight from the settlement to your plate, and you can definitely taste the difference in the organic offerings. In this case, different is very, very good.

I ordered apple pie for dessert on my last visit, and it was rustic and good, if that makes sense. I felt like I was eating a slice of America.

One warning: I've only been on weekends, and the wait for a table can be long. For instance, we arrived around lunch time on a recent Saturday and were told to expect a two-hour wait. But they'll take your cell phone number, allowing you to walk around and tour the ranch, learning about woodworking, pottery, blacksmithing, etc.

My other minor criticism would be that Homestead could stand to add some variety to its "kids menu," which really isn't on the menu at all. Basically, the kids had a choice between a PB&J or a grilled cheese sandwich. That said, both of my tykes loved their grilled cheese.

I heard that this was the best burger in Waco. Maybe the most natural, but I still prefer one made at home.

Great ingredients, the kolaches are unmatched. Haven't tried the desserts yet.

Fiancée thinks the settlement is a little creepy.

Worth trying at least once to make up your own mind.

Otherwise, great experience.

Far, but worth it
It's far out there (especially if you live in Hewitt or Lorena) but the atmosphere, staff, and food all make the drive worth it. Food is fresh and home made. Staff is friendly and helpful. Atmosphere is amazing. Quiet and simple.

Save room for pie, and have them set a slice aside before your meal (a lot of times it will be gone once you're done.)

★★★★★ Loves Cafe Homestead
The food and service at Cafe Homestead are 100% amazing. Check it out; you will be happy you did.

Simply the Best
This is the best place in town! Worth the short and pretty drive from Waco. And, when you eat here you know you are supportung good people and sustainable foods. I like Saturday mornings when the breakfast menu is expanded. Simply the best!

Worth the drive.
My favorite place to eat breakfast or lunch in the Waco area. Becoming more popular by the day with good reason. Delicious, fresh food you won't find anywhere else. (This restaurant should be listed under cafes as well as bakeries.)

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