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Joined WacoFork just to review this place!
My husband and I are visiting from out of state. We drove 1900 miles to get out of the epic snow of the mountains of Utah. We have eaten at a lot of different 'local' places (which we prefer when we're on the road), and this place is by far, hands down, the BEST food we have had on our trip so far (and probably for the rest of the trip as well!). We both had very different items, he had the turkey wrap with sweet potato fries (which was a really great call! They were delicious), and I had the Santa Fe Chicken salad and I'm glad I chose this meal. It was delicious. It was much bigger than I expected and was able to take some home for dinner that night. It was all in all our best 'food' stop of the journey!
(And the arts and craft village was sooo great to see! Spent most of the day visiting the various craft buildings. It's well worth the visit!)

Price okay. Food and Service Amazing
Cafe Homestead food is amazing, but what about the price? The menu, its variety of flavors for the food, and friendly service is what makes this restaurant amazing. I went to Cafe Homestead with a group and there was a miscommunication with the server and the kitchen. I waited an extra ten min for my food while my group was eating. Instead of the server just apologizing, I got a free dessert instead. Even without that situation the service is amazing. Even with all these good things as a college student, having to pay about twenty dollars for a burger was just a little bit more than what I intended to pay. In the end,the fresh and organic food is worth the twenty dollars in the end for a burger.

Best food in town!! Friendly Staff!!

Quality Burgers
I feel as I shouldn't write this review as I can't remember what I've gotten for breakfast there. I know it was good, but just can't remember. What I do remember is the hamburger. Best I've had in Waco yet. I prefer the thick and juicy burgers and this did not disappoint at all. When I eat a burger I have a process. I eat most of it like a burger should be eaten, together. Then for the last few bites, I take the burger apart. I take note of how fresh the veggies and bun are, how good the cheese is, and how good the meat is. I mainly pay attention to the last one. With most burgers, the meat alone can't pass for anything I would prefer to eat. This meat though is great. It's quality, not too greasy, not dry, and cooked how I like. The flavor is great!

Also, they have the best coffee I've had in Waco, I remember that about breakfast.

Incredible Food, Incredible
Cafe Homestead has incredible, natural food. This restaurant is a refreshing break from over-processed meats and limp lettuce. The staff make you feel right at home with their sweet smiles and friendly, genuine conversations. I will definitely be going back to Cafe Homestead many times!

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