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Cafe Homestead


Quality Burgers
I feel as I shouldn't write this review as I can't remember what I've gotten for breakfast there. I know it was good, but just can't remember. What I do remember is the hamburger. Best I've had in Waco yet. I prefer the thick and juicy burgers and this did not disappoint at all. When I eat a burger I have a process. I eat most of it like a burger should be eaten, together. Then for the last few bites, I take the burger apart. I take note of how fresh the veggies and bun are, how good the cheese is, and how good the meat is. I mainly pay attention to the last one. With most burgers, the meat alone can't pass for anything I would prefer to eat. This meat though is great. It's quality, not too greasy, not dry, and cooked how I like. The flavor is great!

Also, they have the best coffee I've had in Waco, I remember that about breakfast.