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Favorite Place In Waco
Though Vitek’s does not have five star services and has a tacky convenient store add on, it has diverse atmospheres, an appealing style, and an interesting variation of a commonly known “fast food”.
In relation to customer service Vitek’s BBQ would find itself loosing “points” in the minds of its customers. After he or she has received their food it is on the customer to get drinks, silverware, and seating. This service may in fact be a down side for those who are looking for a meal to be served on a silver platter but Vitek’s is not for those people.
There is what seems to be an oddly placed convenient store inside of the restaurant by the ordering line and checkout counter. The rest of the restaurant is built with very classy style and the convenient store definitely downgrades the overall appeal as one enters the restaurant. Vitek’s has wisely used sectioning ropes and different lighting to give the customer the illusion of being in a completely different space that has no connection to a cheap convenient store.
With gravel parking lots and original wood siding, Vitek’s does not make the customer feel that he or she must be prepared for any pretention or snobbery that many restaurants with very upscale appearance have. Vitek’s has the look of a place built by hand, not by machine. The realness of the restaurant does a good job at making the patrons feel welcome and relaxed as they enter the restaurant.
Where many restaurants fall short in accommodating to the desired atmosphere of the customer, Vitek’s does not. With a variety of atmospheres, Vitek’s is appealing to many different people. The indoor area includes an open floor plan of seating areas with a wall of windows that let in a lot of natural light. The bar area is traditionally southern with neon signs and television for all sorts of entertainment. The outdoor patio area has a living room style set-up of couches for watching the game on television as well as traditional seating for those who just want to enjoy a meal outside. This diversity is accommodating to most all types of restaurant goers and provides people with feelings of comfort and hunger so it is hard not to keep coming back.
The menu consists of mainly southern style BBQ that feels and taste like home. The south has always been known for its good BBQ and Vitek’s exemplifies this southern characteristic. The meal that Vitek’s is most famous for is the “Gut Pak” which is a very interesting variation of the commonly known Frito Pie. Instead of the normal chili and queso cheese toppings, Vitek’s infuses its southern style into the dish by replacing the chili and queso with pulled pork, sausage, onions, and shredded cheese.
Vitek’s, a college town favorite, has mastered the appeal that lures customers back for more. With welcoming atmospheres, home town style and good food, the lack of service and weirdly place convenient store are renderer unimportant and customers will find themselves going back again and again to have some of that good ole’ southern cooking.

Although Not Perfect, It Matches the Hype!
Upon stepping foot in Waco, I was advised to not pass go, not collect $200, and head straight to Vitek's. It took me a while, but I got there. And, now I'm not leaving any time soon.

As with other successful and quality eateries in Waco, I argue that the best of them know what they do well and stick to it. Vitek's does not represent the BEST BBQ in any way, but the Gut Packs and other offerings always provide an experience that is fulfilling. The balance of salty, sauce, smoke, and spice touches on every part of the tongue.

As far as recommendations,I began on the large Gut Packs, I have transitioned to the smalls (homemade sausage, wheat, pickles/onions/peppers), choosing to savor and enjoy the perfection in that little cubic box of love. The drink must be Dublin Dr. Pepper, and the group should be early if they hope to have seats and eat in a timely way.

Now, if they could just get the line/ordering deal worked out since the remodel, or if certain new freshmen could be educated by their Baylor brothers and sisters BEFORE they step in line, then I would be a happy, happy man.

Yep, that'll pack your gut.
Although Vitek's regular barbecue is supposed to be quite good, I can't tear myself away from the Gut Pak. I haven't found anything like it anywhere else in Texas. It is, as others have said, a Frito Pie on steroids--a magical concoction of barbecue layered over cheese and Fritos in a perfect, solid heap of food. I like to get mine with some hot sauce mixed in for an extra kick. You can't go wrong with any of the sausages they have, although I typically end up choosing the homemade. If you're a vegetarian, now's the time to stop it. This thing is worth forsaking the little animals to stuff your face with meat.

The Gut Pak comes in two sizes: a full-size take-out box and a small one. Don't write off the small one as the Girl Pak so easily. The Gut Pak is such a solid mass of food that I rarely want more than the small one. The full size Gut Pak is great if you're starving to death, you're just a hungry dude or if you want leftovers. Gut Paks are even great reheated later, as if all the different flavors have more time to meld together in one continuous mass of flavor while it's sitting in your fridge.

Everything else I've tried at Vitek's has been great as well. They were pushing an extra gooey macaroni and cheese side for a while that would put any of Paula Deen's heart-stopping concoctions to shame. The prices are always reasonable enough for even the brokest Baylor kid to enjoy a Gut Pak every now and then. The new seating areas (both outdoor on the patio and inside between the counter and the coke machine) are a huge improvement. Having Dublin Dr Pepper on tap and bottled specialty sodas in the fridge means that you can wash your giant pile of meat down with something just as tasty.

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BBQ Snack Attack
I’ve been eating lunch at Vitek’s since I was a little kid. I remember going there with my father and cousins, ordering the Gut Pack and chilling outside on the bench tables. I remember one time we were all chilling out side, and a bunch of very pretty Baylor students sat across from us; one of my cousins cracked a joke so funny, I ended up shooting big red out my nose... so NOT cool... but ya.

Back then V’s was a pretty small place; a single line for food, limited seating inside and out, a smaller menu… a perfect little BBQ joint. The Baylor students loved it, the locals loved it, and people would come from out of town to try’em out. Then while I was living in Galveston, I believe they had some family difficulties and closed it down for a bit. They eventually reopened it and then soon after remodeled the entire joint; now it’s a giant, nice, clean looking joint, with a bigger menu, more seating, live music, etc. Its great what they’ve done to the place, and they are doing better than ever.

They are known around for their Gut Pack which consists of; Fritos, beans, cheese, brisket and BBQ sauce. It’s like a super deluxe Frito Pie. I’ve always gotten the Gut Pack, sin frijoles. The name sure does fit; it fills you up and tastes delicious. If you don’t think you can devour a full one, they do sell a smaller version…. Wah wah wah.

Today I decided to try something else. So after looking over the menu, I choose to go with the 2 meat plate; Grilled Turkey, Homemade sausage, potato salad, slaw, wheat bread and a large Dublin Dr. Pepper. Sounds delicious... be jealous.

The first thing I try is their homemade sausage; this was some of the best sausage I’ve ever had. It had nice texture of a mild grind, the casing wasn’t too chewy. The sausage was nicely seasoned with pepper, garlic and other spices that were less prominent. Next I tried the grilled turkey; it was pretty good, nothing really special about it. They must just grill the whole turkey breast, and then slice it, since the grill marks were just on the side. It wasn’t dried out or bland, it was good for what it was. The potato salad was very good; nice and chunky, with some potato skins thrown in, a nice amount of mustard and with a hint of jalapenos or tabasco sauce…something gave a nice little kick to the potato salad. My least favorite dish was their cole slaw. It was fresh, too fresh in my opinion. The slaw looked juicy enough, but it hadn’t set long enough so the veggies weren’t very flavorful. All I could taste was the cabbage and other veggies, I couldn’t taste the dressing. I think cole slaw should be allowed to sit for a while so the cabbage can absorb the dressing.

Over all Viteks is a great place to grab lunch and a Waco Institution. The food is great, the service is excellent and friendly, the same goes for the atmosphere of the place. I think next time I’ll try the Brisket Tacos that Luke from WacoBoard told me about; didn’t even know they had them.

So if you are ever looking for some good Q, should definitely check this place out.

Pulled Pork Nachos
Vitech's pulled pork, tortilla chips, & cheese. What more does a person need? The new renovations are great!

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