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Favorite Place In Waco
Though Vitek’s does not have five star services and has a tacky convenient store add on, it has diverse atmospheres, an appealing style, and an interesting variation of a commonly known “fast food”.
In relation to customer service Vitek’s BBQ would find itself loosing “points” in the minds of its customers. After he or she has received their food it is on the customer to get drinks, silverware, and seating. This service may in fact be a down side for those who are looking for a meal to be served on a silver platter but Vitek’s is not for those people.
There is what seems to be an oddly placed convenient store inside of the restaurant by the ordering line and checkout counter. The rest of the restaurant is built with very classy style and the convenient store definitely downgrades the overall appeal as one enters the restaurant. Vitek’s has wisely used sectioning ropes and different lighting to give the customer the illusion of being in a completely different space that has no connection to a cheap convenient store.
With gravel parking lots and original wood siding, Vitek’s does not make the customer feel that he or she must be prepared for any pretention or snobbery that many restaurants with very upscale appearance have. Vitek’s has the look of a place built by hand, not by machine. The realness of the restaurant does a good job at making the patrons feel welcome and relaxed as they enter the restaurant.
Where many restaurants fall short in accommodating to the desired atmosphere of the customer, Vitek’s does not. With a variety of atmospheres, Vitek’s is appealing to many different people. The indoor area includes an open floor plan of seating areas with a wall of windows that let in a lot of natural light. The bar area is traditionally southern with neon signs and television for all sorts of entertainment. The outdoor patio area has a living room style set-up of couches for watching the game on television as well as traditional seating for those who just want to enjoy a meal outside. This diversity is accommodating to most all types of restaurant goers and provides people with feelings of comfort and hunger so it is hard not to keep coming back.
The menu consists of mainly southern style BBQ that feels and taste like home. The south has always been known for its good BBQ and Vitek’s exemplifies this southern characteristic. The meal that Vitek’s is most famous for is the “Gut Pak” which is a very interesting variation of the commonly known Frito Pie. Instead of the normal chili and queso cheese toppings, Vitek’s infuses its southern style into the dish by replacing the chili and queso with pulled pork, sausage, onions, and shredded cheese.
Vitek’s, a college town favorite, has mastered the appeal that lures customers back for more. With welcoming atmospheres, home town style and good food, the lack of service and weirdly place convenient store are renderer unimportant and customers will find themselves going back again and again to have some of that good ole’ southern cooking.