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Yep, that'll pack your gut.
Although Vitek's regular barbecue is supposed to be quite good, I can't tear myself away from the Gut Pak. I haven't found anything like it anywhere else in Texas. It is, as others have said, a Frito Pie on steroids--a magical concoction of barbecue layered over cheese and Fritos in a perfect, solid heap of food. I like to get mine with some hot sauce mixed in for an extra kick. You can't go wrong with any of the sausages they have, although I typically end up choosing the homemade. If you're a vegetarian, now's the time to stop it. This thing is worth forsaking the little animals to stuff your face with meat.

The Gut Pak comes in two sizes: a full-size take-out box and a small one. Don't write off the small one as the Girl Pak so easily. The Gut Pak is such a solid mass of food that I rarely want more than the small one. The full size Gut Pak is great if you're starving to death, you're just a hungry dude or if you want leftovers. Gut Paks are even great reheated later, as if all the different flavors have more time to meld together in one continuous mass of flavor while it's sitting in your fridge.

Everything else I've tried at Vitek's has been great as well. They were pushing an extra gooey macaroni and cheese side for a while that would put any of Paula Deen's heart-stopping concoctions to shame. The prices are always reasonable enough for even the brokest Baylor kid to enjoy a Gut Pak every now and then. The new seating areas (both outdoor on the patio and inside between the counter and the coke machine) are a huge improvement. Having Dublin Dr Pepper on tap and bottled specialty sodas in the fridge means that you can wash your giant pile of meat down with something just as tasty.