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Although Not Perfect, It Matches the Hype!
Upon stepping foot in Waco, I was advised to not pass go, not collect $200, and head straight to Vitek's. It took me a while, but I got there. And, now I'm not leaving any time soon.

As with other successful and quality eateries in Waco, I argue that the best of them know what they do well and stick to it. Vitek's does not represent the BEST BBQ in any way, but the Gut Packs and other offerings always provide an experience that is fulfilling. The balance of salty, sauce, smoke, and spice touches on every part of the tongue.

As far as recommendations,I began on the large Gut Packs, I have transitioned to the smalls (homemade sausage, wheat, pickles/onions/peppers), choosing to savor and enjoy the perfection in that little cubic box of love. The drink must be Dublin Dr. Pepper, and the group should be early if they hope to have seats and eat in a timely way.

Now, if they could just get the line/ordering deal worked out since the remodel, or if certain new freshmen could be educated by their Baylor brothers and sisters BEFORE they step in line, then I would be a happy, happy man.