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My favorite place for BBQ!
This is by far the best place in Waco to get BBQ. Their stuffed potato is my favorite. I always have to call ahead to make sure they hold one for me because they always sell out!

Best in Waco. Not even a contest.
Tony DeMaria's is the best barbecue in Waco. Period. Hands down. It's not even a contest. I suppose it's good to have somewhere that's okay for traditional 'Q. Then again, I like variety, and a little competition would be good. Sorry, Gut Pak, I love you, but you're not in this race--we're letting the meat speak for itself here. I don't think J. Mueller's brisket would be as divine if Franklin wasn't breathing down his neck, nor do I think it's a coincidence that Stanley's and Country Tavern are a short drive from each other and both rule at ribs. Competition is good, especially in the market of MEAT. Waco simply lacks it, and I feel like Tony D's may suffer a bit because of that.

I'll admit--I've been spoiled with the Stanley's and J. Mueller's of the universe. It's hard for me to rate the only decent BBQ in Waco against places that have a religious devotion to the meat. This gets a solid 4 if we're rating statewide, but for Waco alone, it's a solid 6.4903890l. (Vitek's only keeps its 5 from me because of the addictive qualities of the Gut Pak.) Consider my rating more of a 4.5, then. I like to see and taste a thick ring of smoke on the outer edge of my 'Q, and Tony D's is sometimes hit-or-miss with that. The sweet, vinegary sauce is like liquid candy, though--too sweet for some, but I love it.

They run out of meat in the early afternoon for a reason, but let's be honest--where else are you going to get it in Waco?

The Best BBQ in Waco
I've traveled around Texas and the U.S. and being from Texas I'm partial to BBQ. DiMarias is the best I've ever eaten! It beats anything I've had in Memphis, Kansas City or anywhere else... The main thing about DiMaria's is consistancy, it is good EVERYTIME! I suggest the Dagwood - Mixed (Sausage and Beef) with Extra Bread. You will have enough for two sausage wraps and two brisket wraps. It is simply de-lici-ous! You cannot beat their prices and quality ANYWHERE! Uncle Dan's and Viteks doesn't even compare when it comes to these guys... I'll see you there!

Worth the adventure
I'm a firm believer in the potential of Waco to show me a good time. I'm always on the hunt for a new little restaurant that serves delicious food. Tony Demaria's was just the kind of bbq joint that I needed during final exams. Don't let the exterior or the location fool you, this place has some of the best brisket and ribs in Texas. I recruited a friend of mine to head over around 10:00am (yes, in the morning). Tony's closes at 2:00PM on weekdays or whenever the food runs out. I was told to get there early and now I understand why.

We each ordered a barbecue plate. It comes with a choice of sides. I went with brisket with barbecue sauce and gravy, with a side of beans and potato salad. The brisket was melt in your mouth tender, they didn't even give me a knife--I sure didn't need one. The beans were pretty standard...bacon, sauce, beans. I wasn't too impressed. I tried the coleslaw. I'm pretty picky when it comes to coleslaw, but this cabbage slaw was the prefect cool and creamy side dish for their spicy barbecue sauce. I have a confession, I have a huge sweet tooth. I had to get a slice of the coconut cake. It was two layers of delish white cake layered with decadent white buttercream frosting sprinkled with fresh coconut. They also had a massive drink selection which really impressed my friend. He couldn't resist getting a can of Hawaiian Punch...a cook-out staple when we were growing up.

Overall, the food was great. The people at Tony's were helpful and friendly. I'll definitely be back. Don't let the location or the laid-back interior fool you...those are telltale signs of a wicked-good bbq joint. Enjoy!

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A five paper towel barbecue hot spot
Texas is well-known for their barbeque, and Waco specifically has a few good choices for a quality meal. If you like ribs, Tony DeMaria’s (Tony D’s) will definitely satisfy your taste buds. I happened to walk into this amazing restaurant on a Wednesday, which was their all you can eat rib day. Although I took my lunch to-go, I am happy to still able to soak up the full authentic barbecue experience. I was given three large ribs with my meal, and I did not know that pork ribs could be so savory and meaty! The meat on the ribs were twice the length of the rib bones themselves. Thankfully, these were all meat in its purest, simplest form. The ribs were so substantial that just one could feed a small human, of course that didn’t stop me from eating all three. Not only did the amount of meat on the ribs catch my attention, but they also had great texture. The meat was so tender and moist it could be cut with the little plastic knife they give you with your meal. These plump oversized ribs had a great flavor, and they were so tender that the first bite alone started to make my mouth water. The ribs were so delicious because the flavor was a combination of pork, smokiness, barbecue, and spices, respectfully in that order. The restaurant’s simple barbecue sauce still allowed the flavor of the meat to shine through. Trust me, something this good did not have to be disguised with a lot of sauces and rubs. The ribs were so moist it was like they were sweating at the idea of being eaten. Of course, for their sake, I quickly put them out of their misery. You will definitely want to try Tony D’s; I promise you will not be disappointed. Remember that Wednesday is their all you can eat ribs, and do not forget to bring your appetite. This is definitely a five paper towel barbecue hot spot. Just remember, come early because seating is limited and once the barbecue is gone, it’s gone.

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I Can't Say "The Best", But...
With a wide variety of quality BBQ in Waco, I must defer to label any ONE place THE best, but Tony D's consistently makes me happy EVERY time that I go there.

Yes, there is often a line. Yes, the seating and comfort is limited. Yes, there is only counter service and no dinner service. Yes, the selection is not huge, but what they do is done with an eye to perfection and excellence that cannot be matched by some more-lauded BBQ places in the region.

The simplicity of ordering, service, and eating makes Tony D's a staple in my dining life.

if you are going for lunch, though, get there early. I can't express the disappointment that one feels when they get out of their car and see the sign change over from "Open" to "Sold Out".

As Raw as Waco
We've got our fill on superb BBQ options around the 254. But Tony D's is truly a local gem. I've been eating there for years.

The wonderful opportunity to eat on butcher paper should never be turned down. And to be offered gravy...which is actually meat drippings from the a blessing in disguise to your lower GI.

It's simple. It's Texas. But more importantly, it's Waco. And when they sell out, they're closed. My advice...don't wait until noon to go. You will be left high and dry. It's a "early lunch" kind of place.

I noticed the hours were 9am-sell out. So I asked Tony if they served breakfast. He looked at me with such disdain and said, "no, we sell BBQ." I said "at 9am?" He said "we've got people lined up at the door when we show up to work.

It's that good!

Go. Go now. And get the Large order...1/2 brisket 1/2 sausage. Hot sauce over BBQ sauce for sure. You thank yourself.

One of a kind!
Tony D's is a one of a kind BBQ joint! They've been in business since the 30's, that should tell you somethin'! My personal favorite is "The Order", meat & bread on paper with a bowl of their "gravy" and a slice of cheese....can't beat it!

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