bykakat10, July 6, 2013
Last night my wife and I had the pleasure of being among the first in Waco to try Mama Fu's. We both had never been Mama Fu's so we had no idea what to expect other than their website looks like they compete with Pei Wei. We went in to the restaurant knowing that the service staff was still in training so there was going to be hiccups. Surprisingly the service was great but that was not the star of the show. The food was excellent! I had the Honey Seared Chicken with Fried Rice and my wife had the Spicy General Fu chicken. The honey seared was spot on, a hint of
Honey that wasn't overwhelming. The fried rice wasn't greasy and was tasty. Now when my wife was pregnant last year we ate more than our share of Pei Wei and like most pregnant women she had a streak for spicy food. Now after the birth of our child the Pei Wei consumption is down but the spicy streak is still there. The Spicy General Fu was exactly what she had been looking for all the time at Pei Wei but couldn't quite get. It was a sweet heat, a spicy blend of chile sauce and honey. I would recommend Mama Fu's to anyone, especially those who like Pei Wei. It's the same type food and atmosphere but with more flavor. Go try it, you won't be disappointed.
bykakat10, December 8, 2012
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WiseGuys - A Chicago Eatery
My wife and I love Wiseguys plain and simple. My wife's family is from New Jersey, about 30 miles from Philly. Naturally my wife being from that area has held a high standard for cheesesteaks. When she moved to Texas she ordered a cheese steak from a restaurant and was disappointed. She hadn't had one since until Wiseguys showed up talking a big game about their food. She tried it and bam! loves it. The fellas at wiseguys have a real steak sandwich. The key is thinly shaved steak, not the fajita meat that Texas thinks is cheese steak. Waco do yourself a favor and try wiseguys. There is nothing else like it in town and its a well needed break from Mexican, Burgers and chain restaurants.
Owner's reply

Glad you guys loved it. Hope to see ya back soon.

bykakat10, March 15, 2012
Tony Demaria's
I've traveled around Texas and the U.S. and being from Texas I'm partial to BBQ. DiMarias is the best I've ever eaten! It beats anything I've had in Memphis, Kansas City or anywhere else... The main thing about DiMaria's is consistancy, it is good EVERYTIME! I suggest the Dagwood - Mixed (Sausage and Beef) with Extra Bread. You will have enough for two sausage wraps and two brisket wraps. It is simply de-lici-ous! You cannot beat their prices and quality ANYWHERE! Uncle Dan's and Viteks doesn't even compare when it comes to these guys... I'll see you there!