byKG, October 29, 2011
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Tony Demaria's
Texas is well-known for their barbeque, and Waco specifically has a few good choices for a quality meal. If you like ribs, Tony DeMaria’s (Tony D’s) will definitely satisfy your taste buds. I happened to walk into this amazing restaurant on a Wednesday, which was their all you can eat rib day. Although I took my lunch to-go, I am happy to still able to soak up the full authentic barbecue experience. I was given three large ribs with my meal, and I did not know that pork ribs could be so savory and meaty! The meat on the ribs were twice the length of the rib bones themselves. Thankfully, these were all meat in its purest, simplest form. The ribs were so substantial that just one could feed a small human, of course that didn’t stop me from eating all three. Not only did the amount of meat on the ribs catch my attention, but they also had great texture. The meat was so tender and moist it could be cut with the little plastic knife they give you with your meal. These plump oversized ribs had a great flavor, and they were so tender that the first bite alone started to make my mouth water. The ribs were so delicious because the flavor was a combination of pork, smokiness, barbecue, and spices, respectfully in that order. The restaurant’s simple barbecue sauce still allowed the flavor of the meat to shine through. Trust me, something this good did not have to be disguised with a lot of sauces and rubs. The ribs were so moist it was like they were sweating at the idea of being eaten. Of course, for their sake, I quickly put them out of their misery. You will definitely want to try Tony D’s; I promise you will not be disappointed. Remember that Wednesday is their all you can eat ribs, and do not forget to bring your appetite. This is definitely a five paper towel barbecue hot spot. Just remember, come early because seating is limited and once the barbecue is gone, it’s gone.