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Tony Demaria's


Best in Waco. Not even a contest.
Tony DeMaria's is the best barbecue in Waco. Period. Hands down. It's not even a contest. I suppose it's good to have somewhere that's okay for traditional 'Q. Then again, I like variety, and a little competition would be good. Sorry, Gut Pak, I love you, but you're not in this race--we're letting the meat speak for itself here. I don't think J. Mueller's brisket would be as divine if Franklin wasn't breathing down his neck, nor do I think it's a coincidence that Stanley's and Country Tavern are a short drive from each other and both rule at ribs. Competition is good, especially in the market of MEAT. Waco simply lacks it, and I feel like Tony D's may suffer a bit because of that.

I'll admit--I've been spoiled with the Stanley's and J. Mueller's of the universe. It's hard for me to rate the only decent BBQ in Waco against places that have a religious devotion to the meat. This gets a solid 4 if we're rating statewide, but for Waco alone, it's a solid 6.4903890l. (Vitek's only keeps its 5 from me because of the addictive qualities of the Gut Pak.) Consider my rating more of a 4.5, then. I like to see and taste a thick ring of smoke on the outer edge of my 'Q, and Tony D's is sometimes hit-or-miss with that. The sweet, vinegary sauce is like liquid candy, though--too sweet for some, but I love it.

They run out of meat in the early afternoon for a reason, but let's be honest--where else are you going to get it in Waco?