bymsteele, March 31, 2012
fresh, delicious, and a great atmosphere!
bymsteele, March 31, 2012
After getting sick a second time at Waco's new "sushi" restaurant, Waco Roll, I had suspicions that they were using MSG which I am allergic to and is well, it's just not that good for you. After talking to the Wako Roll this morning it is confirmed, they do use MSG. They also use crab sticks, cod died as crab, in their crab rolls (except for the fried claws in the spider roll.) So, just to give you a heads up, Waco Roll might not be the best choice if you are not a MSG fan.

Again, I wish Waco could grasp the concept of fresh no preservatives dining. The upside, it's made me appreciate cooking at home lot more!
bymsteele, March 31, 2012
Best in Waco! The al pastor is awesome!!!
bymsteele, November 14, 2011
Nothing infuriates me more than another freezer to fryer (or in my case canned to plate) restaurant claiming to use fresh local ingredients. What seemed to be an impressive menu of quail and bison that we couldn't order because according to the waiter was "eighty-sixed" was a quick disappointment when I was served canned chicken and dumplings. The shredded chicken was obviously canned and tasted it and the "jalapeno dumplings were lacking any flavor and tasted like gummy paste. I couldn't finish. I was thankful I ordered sauteed vegetables as a side. They were good and cooked well but it didn't have much vegetable variety as it was just a plate of carrots and onions.

My husbands meal was a pre-made beef patty that was drier than sawdust and the frozen fries were STILL FROZEN and over salted. This is also not a place for anyone looking for a beer other than the usual Miller Lite and Corona.

There's nothing wrong with a "premade food freezer to frier" place if that is what you desire but Cantina Texas is just claiming fraud with it's menu. I'm saddened every time Waco thinks they have come up with a new fresh upscale restaurant only to be tricked by another restaurant pulling the wool over our eyes and ordering off the pre-made Sysco truck. The menu states they use local ingedients but from what I saw "local" must have meant from the local warehouse.

If you like premade food that is bought from a distributer than cooked and fried this place is for you. But if you are yearning for a real chef and menu that knows that there is pride and achievement in cooking from scratch don't come here! The soundtrack of Beyonce and Mariah Carey should have been a warning. Sorry Waco you failed real food again.