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favorite yogurt in town
fresh, delicious, and a great atmosphere!

Their name says it all
Oso's is my new addiction. I found them through the Living Social deal and have been back several times. I like the fresh fruit toppings, but my son prefers the mini-marshmallows. All the flavors we've tried have been great, and the no-sugar added flavors taste just like their sugary counterparts. Euro tart is my favorite though, it is so good!

I don't have to grin and bear it when I eat treats here...
Come on, was WAY too easy for me to make a pun with "oso." We all like a challenge now and then.

I think the most hilarious fact about this place is that EVERY time I've been here (which has been like 3-4 times), someone that I've been with has been all, "This place is owned by Art Briles' wife." 75% of the time, that fact was whispered into my ear like the poor lady's an un-acknowledged celebrity whose adoring public wants to let her keep her privacy. To you, Mama Bear Briles, all I have to say is, you go gurrrllll.

Anyways. The Georgia Peach is amazing. I kind of wish they had cylindrical sprinkles instead of spherical ones, but that's because I am a child who still likes sprinkles, ALL the time.

Anyone notice how this is my THIRD post tonight that somehow involves frozen treats? Okay, so sue me.

It's Froyo.
Well, the Waco "froyo" explosion has finally happened. They're everywhere. How do you choose which one to go to? They're all basically the same, so go to the closest one. For Baylor students, Oso's is the best option, and is leaps and bounds better than Mr. Snow's Froyo on Lasalle.

My biggest inital complaint with Oso's has been fixed (No samples initially which is a HUGE Froyo Faux Pas IMHO), so I'm going to go ahead and say that this is an average Froyo place with a great location near Baylor that I hope is as successful as all the other ones. It's hard for me to give a rating higher than average for ANY froyo place unless you do something other than a bag of Froyo mix and an assortment of candy. I want someone to break the mold and open a homemade Italian Gelato place. Anyway, I'll split my time between Oso's and Three Spoons.

This place is great. They have the best toppings of all the yogurt places and the patio seating makes for a great evening or afternoon hangout spot.

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