byalisonpruett, February 28, 2014
I only rate this as "fair" because their food IS delicious, however the service is reliably terrible.

Every single time I have been to this Cafe Cap, crowded or empty, I have the worst experience with service. And each time I go, tops the last.

I would rather go to iHop or the Egg and I and have good service (both chain restaurants), than go to Cafe Cap - the only reason I have gone more than once is because I was with a group that insisted. Each time, we all vow never to return.

If you don't mind rude, negligent servers and REALLY love flavored coffees and breakfast food - then this is your spot.
byalisonpruett, November 15, 2013
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Tried to think of a more clever title for this review, but couldn't find better words to describe my experience at Smashburger other than so stinkin' good.

Thanks to some twitter antics, I won a prized ticket to the WacoFork Smashburger preview 2 days before its official opening, where we sampled almost everything on their menu. Having never eaten at a Smashburger before, I was excited for the opportunity to try something new but didn't have too many set expectations in mind.

Literally everything I tasted was excellent. Even the plain 'ole hamburger was delicious, but by the end of the tasting, their specialty burgers made even that seem just alright. And - they don't just do burgers, they have a variety of chicken sandwich options and an AMAZING black bean veggie burger that has some great kick!

The smash fries are an absolute must - the perfect amount (just a hint, really) of rosemary on top of the thin, crispy mound of potatoes is really the type of unique, non-mass-produced flavor you would expect from a "local" burger joint - minus the grease.

I've already been back several times and yet to be disappointed. The only downside right now is that it's SO popular and new, it's a bit crowded and you sometimes have to hover over people lingering at their tables to move along so you can nab their spot (guilty).

My favorites (so far):
- Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger (truffle is definitely an acquired taste, but I happen to love it and can't find anywhere else in Waco to satisfy that craving, until now!)
- Spicy Veggie Black Bean Burger (get it with the fried jalapenos if you really like some heat)
- Avocado Club Chicken Sandwich (tasty chicken, bacon, avocado and ranch??? duh!)
byalisonpruett, October 23, 2013
It's a fun little Waco icon that, if you live in Waco or travel through frequently, you should definitely try out if only to look at all the local history displayed in various newspaper clippings on the wall. But the food is just not that good. Even when I am craving a nice greasy burger and fries, I'm not going to Health Camp because it's really just meh. The shakes are great, though nothing really special there either.

All in all, it's alright! But Waco definitely has better burger joints with just as much character.
byalisonpruett, September 28, 2012
Literally everything I have had was delicious and made with high quality ingredients from scratch. A little pricey for a casual dinner, but great for a once-in-a-while meal or special occasion. Either way - worth every penny!

Great, fairly priced wine list as well.

Try the fried calamari for an appetizer - it's amazing!
byalisonpruett, September 18, 2012
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Quaker Steak & Lube
First off - the wings are excellent. MUCH better than any of the other places in Waco, but still not quite as good as my personal favorite, Pluckers. I might be a bit biased though.

I also like that they have some healthier options, including grilled wings served with pita bread.

The main reason my review of the place is not so stellar is because of the service. I'm aware that they JUST opened, so perhaps their waitstaff is still learning, but our waitress the first time was a COMPLETE dummy, and the second time not much better. That's being nice. Our first server knew NOTHING about any of the menu items we asked about and continually had to run off and ask other servers and bartenders questions.

We kept having to flag her down for drink refills or to request items she had forgotten to bring (silverware, napkins, ranch, etc.) - I'm pretty sure she only stopped ONCE at our table without asking, and the place was definitely nowhere near crowded. Finally after waiting 15 minutes for her to return our cards and check, we had to flag down ANOTHER waiter to get our receipts. She never once apologized or tried to explain she was busy and had a very apathetic attitude to the whole place and her responsibilities.

Also - on the day of their "grand opening" they did not have happy hour. We were told that because it was the first day, they were not honoring their usual happy hour prices. What?? I would think of all days to have some kind of special, it would be the grand opening - not even honoring their NORMAL happy hour specials is certainly not going to make people want to return.

Beers were fairly priced and they have a nice selection on tap, plus the Lube Tube thing looks pretty amazing, but the cocktails were grossly overpriced and basically syrup. Also a forewarning, if you order the mason jar drinks you get to keep the jar (fun!) but if you continue to order more mason jar drinks, you have to pay for the jar each time - they claimed there was no way to just ring up the drink without the jar. So, unless you are wanting to start a QSL mason jar collection, don't order more than one. Also, they're tiny and a rip off.

I'll probably go back to watch sports - but never when I'm in a hurry or expecting good service.
byalisonpruett, August 9, 2012
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Went to Jake's for the soft opening last weekend and cannot say enough great things! Dinner is served homestyle (or family style as some people say) and includes rolls and cornbread, a delicious twist on a caesar salad that is tossed table side, and generous portions of delicious entrees that come along with bowls of traditional southern sides - cream corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, and black eyed peas.

The chicken fried steak was absolutely mouthwatering and definitely large enough to share. The steak was thick and juicy and the breading crispy but light and had a nice little pop of its own flavor.

We also tried the cajun grilled catfish that had just the right amount of spice and was cooked to perfection.

We ended our meal with samples of the German chocolate cake and famous bread pudding that were just the icing on the cake (ha!) for an already perfect meal.

I would definitely suggest Jake's to anyone looking for a great southern, homestyle dining experience and look forward to returning soon to try out the lunch menu!
byalisonpruett, November 8, 2011
I tried out this new Castillo family restaurant last night and really enjoyed the experience! I am a HUGE La Fiesta & Sam's fan, so my expectations were pretty high and I wasn't let down.

My companion ordered the Buffalo Burrito - shredded buffalo meat, beans, rice, and cheese rolled into a wheat tortilla and served with salsa and pico. He was informed that this was the first order for the Buffalo Burrito, so he forgave the chef for initially forgetting the cheese :) He really enjoyed the enormous dish and I even thought the buffalo meat tasted good (not really a fan of gamey meats).

I went for the sliced brisket with a chipotle BBQ sauce, steamed veggies (a nice blend of zucchini, onions, red peppers, carrots and maybe a couple of others), and the skinny fries. The veggies were heavily peppered and delicious and the skinny fries were nice and crispy. The chipotle BBQ sauce was great - a perfect blend of sweet and spice with a kick. When the waitress first checked on how we were liking our food, I mentioned that the brisket was a little tough and she apologized, I kept eating though because it was still pretty tasty. Soon, she and one of the managers came back with a new plate full of brisket and asked me to try the new batch - it was MUCH better. Very tender and juicy. They explained that their new "guy on the grill" had sliced the first batch in the wrong direction, accounting for the toughness, and boxed up an extra order of brisket for me to take home - how nice!

I chalk our couple of hiccups up to the restaurant being new and we really weren't bothered by the mistakes because the staff was SO friendly and attentive.

I will definitely be visiting Cantina Texas again soon and hope to try out their flavorful sounding wings and jalapeno infused chicken and dumplings.
byalisonpruett, April 13, 2011
I have been to Shorty's a lot and tried many different menu choices. I always do the pizza by the slice and have loved all I have tried (hamburger jalapenos and mushrooms; canadian bacon and jalapenos; buffalo chicken; pepperoni) and also buffalo wings and the chili cheese fries. The pizza is by far the best thing on the menu and everything is pretty much what you expect from bar-type food (greasy and delicious!).

Shorty's has a nice outdoor patio that allows pets and great happy hour/power hour specials. The 5-6 power hour is definitely the best time to go - their margaritas (wine-based) and sangria are only $2, their domestic half-pitchers are only $3 (about 4 beers), and their slices are only $1.50.

On their drink menu under the wines it says "our wine comes from a box, if you need to know anything else, you're in the wrong place" and I would say that's a pretty accurate description of their atmosphere. Very casual and fun - and great, greasy food!
byalisonpruett, April 13, 2011
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I have to agree that Diamond Backs does offer one of the best happy hours in town. Their Thursday specials of $4 signature martinis and half-price appetizers (that are pretty much a meal for me) are great deals - not to mention the atmosphere and live music is pretty great. BUT for a regular meal, or even special occasion dinner, I have to say that the food is NOT worth the price you pay.

I have only had the prime rib and some tortilla soup and salad off the regular menu, and they were good - but not as good as they SHOULD be for the price I paid. My meat was bland (of course, I'm all for bold flavors) and cooked incorrectly - I ordered medium-rare and got well-done (no pink left)- and the side of potatoes was what I expect from a chain restaurant.

I hate to give a negative review, and maybe I hit them on a bad evening, but I have heard many people (some of which WORKED at DBs previously) agree that the food is good, but not as upscale as they try to portray.