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Delicious Food & Great Atmosphere
Literally everything I have had was delicious and made with high quality ingredients from scratch. A little pricey for a casual dinner, but great for a once-in-a-while meal or special occasion. Either way - worth every penny!

Great, fairly priced wine list as well.

Try the fried calamari for an appetizer - it's amazing!

Best food I've had in Waco so far.
Atmosphere is real nice. Waitstaff is very nice and efficient. I first ordered a gin martini. The martini was good although a bit too dirty when I asked for slightly dirty. For food I ordered the orange vermouth scallops with greek style fried potatoes and a caesar salad. The salad was good and I could tell the dressing was made there. My entree was very good. I love scallops and these did not disappoint at all. Cooked just right and marinated perfectly. The bed of rice it was on was very good as well. The greek style potatoes were awesome. They were cooked so much they kind of melted in your mouth.

This is the best food I have in Waco so far. With so many places disappointing me a lot, it's nice to come to a place that I enjoy and am excited to try new dishes at. I moved here from San Francisco and if this place was in San Francisco I would still be very pleased with it and go there often.

Best Date place in Waco
1424 is a great way to impress without seeming to be too over the top or overly pretentious. The food is great and the servers really know what they're talking about (a huge plus in my book). Wine selection is decent, could use more French and Italian wines instead of your usual J. Lohr fare. Their Beef Wellington is to die for and the lunch specials are stellar as well. All in all, 1424 is a truly great restaurant that couples great service with wonderful food.

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Great service
I came here for Valentine's Day last year, got some pretty decent Mahi, but my server was great!

The price was around what I would expect for one of the nicer places in town. Good find!

great for special occasions
this place was pretty good. it's a pretty well kept secret, too. i'd driven past it several times without really noticing it. the menu is pretty small, with mostly fish items. i don't like fish, but managed to find some things that appealed. on the pricey side, but makes for a good date place or a good place for a special occasion.

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