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Bangkok Royal


Chicken. Panang. Curry. Dang!
This review is strictly for the Panang Curry. My favorite dish in Waco. I usually get it to go and I think the to-go has more food. Two meals! I love this stuff, I pretty much drink the sauce from the to-go container when the chicken and peppers are all gone. If I could change anything about it, I would make it more spicy, maybe you can, I'll ask next time.

I do have one complaint though. When I get it to-go, there is usually a line to pay, but not a line of to-go orders. I think it is for dinner only, but when you dine in, you have to go up to the front to pay. Sometimes I get there and my food is ready to go on the counter but there is a line of sometimes ten people to pay that are dining in. Since it's a lot of college students, they mainly pay separately and that takes a long time. I usually have to wait to pay around 8-10 minutes when I go in and have waited over 15 minutes before. I would cut in line (if I notice my order ready on the counter) but I don't want to be that guy. If management reads this, please consider changing your policy and let dine in customers pay from their table. You are my favorite place in Waco right now and I would give you a five stars if it wasn't for this.