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On The Border


While I don't feel as strongly as the other reviewer, I get where he's coming from. I think "fair" is too strong, as is "very poor." I would say "missed the mark."

A recent experience at dinner was disappointing. I had not been to OTB in quite sometime. I remember it being good.

The salsa, while fresh, was far too hot for me. If there was a "mild" option we were not offered that. I could not eat it. To be fair, I didn't ask either.

The chicken enchiladas with rice and refried beans were nearly inedible because they were so salty! Mexican food does not have to be over salted! The rice tasted like it came from a box.

The queso was quite good and the chips average. I prefer thin and these were not.

The service was outstanding. We were greeted and seated immediately and our waitress was over immediately with a smile and was attentive and terrific. We received our food in minutes.

If only the food were as good as the service!! I don't know when I will venture back. Next time, I will go elsewhere when I have a Tex Mex craving.