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Pei Wei

Ellie Lewisby

gluten-free at Pei Wei
Do you know what is wonderful about chain restaurants? They have websites with online menus. And, in the case of Pei Wei, they have an online gluten-free menu. Eating gluten-free is a challenge, especially in a town like Waco. I love Waco, but we have our limitations.
Pei Wei is nice. Quick, hot, and most of the time tasty. I am a little bit picky, so limit myself unnecessarily within the gluten-free menu perhaps, but I LOVE the gluten-free vietnamese rolls. Even without the peanut sauce (sadly not gluten-free), they're pretty fantastic.
The gluten-free Pei Wei spicy is also pretty good, though I don't love Pei Wei's rice and usually don't eat it.

We will say "good" over all, but on the gluten-free front, we can say "excellent".