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Yes Wei
Pretty much everything is excellent, but my personal goto is the Pad Thai bowl. I do think it should be known that they pre-make their spring rolls, so sometimes they're gelatinous and soggy.

Also, if you're not too hungry or want to be cheap, adults can order the Kid's Wei and you can add in fried rice and/or mixed veggies. I think it comes out to 4 bucks and is surprisingly a lot of food.

For a chain...Me Likey.
Pei Wei. What does that even mean? I don't know. But I do know that it's a great option if you're feeling the need for a meal visit to the orient.

Granted, it's gimmicky. Very Americanized. And sometimes down right cheesy. But they produce a very fresh meal that's pretty consistent and definitely friendly to those who like "made to order".

At times they can be a little heavy on the saucing. So I've learned to ask for mine on the side. But it's worth it!

And, they even remember what you order when you call in. Call it a sales pitch or creepy stalker tactic, when you phone in an order, they store it. And when you call again, they ask you if you want to order what you ordered last time...and then they repeat it to you.

Look, we don't have a PF Changs. And sometimes you just need something else beside Bangkok. Pei Wei is a great alternative, even if a chain.
Ellie Lewisby

gluten-free at Pei Wei
Do you know what is wonderful about chain restaurants? They have websites with online menus. And, in the case of Pei Wei, they have an online gluten-free menu. Eating gluten-free is a challenge, especially in a town like Waco. I love Waco, but we have our limitations.
Pei Wei is nice. Quick, hot, and most of the time tasty. I am a little bit picky, so limit myself unnecessarily within the gluten-free menu perhaps, but I LOVE the gluten-free vietnamese rolls. Even without the peanut sauce (sadly not gluten-free), they're pretty fantastic.
The gluten-free Pei Wei spicy is also pretty good, though I don't love Pei Wei's rice and usually don't eat it.

We will say "good" over all, but on the gluten-free front, we can say "excellent".

Good food, always hot and fast
Pei Wei is always a good choice when you are wanting a sit down meal that is made quickly. There are many options on the menu... we love the honey seared chicken, lo mein and lettuce wraps. My only criticism is that they will have specialty items from time to time that are not part of the regular menu. If you get hooked on it you will soon be out of luck.

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