bydanielle, April 10, 2011
This "hole-in-the-wall" is true "authentic" "texican" food at a great price.
bydanielle, April 10, 2011
Ordered a large with the works (minus jalapenos cause I was with some "wimps"). Crust was good, toppings were fresh and generous. Sauce has a bit of a "kick" which I appreciated but my company was not so much in agreement. I like a LOT of sauce so, I thought the pizza was lacking in sauce. I also thought the crust was too crispy.
Overall, I would recommend. The price is OK, the pizza is fresh - like homemade.
bydanielle, April 10, 2011
Cafe Homestead
I don't think you can go wrong eating here.
What can I say too? I agree with the previous review. Fresh, Tasty, De-lish.
Not fast food. But a great deli for a relaxing lunch with friends or family.
bydanielle, April 10, 2011
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Clay Pot
This little pink gem, tucked behind a eucalyptus tree is a must visit every-time I come to town! Vietnamese family owned and operated. Owner/operator/executive chefs are seemingly ever-present and always make us feel like a neighbor of family member just dropping in for a bite. I have had half the menu (working on trying it all) and all was great.
The Stuffed mushrooms are an exception to the excellent rating - so far they are the only thing I would not order again.

Keep in mind this is Americanized Vietnamese so don't try to compare it to "authentic". In a larger metropolis you can get closer to authentic, but those kinds of places can survive with that kind of population. Waco is just not big enough to support any "foreign authentic".

The tea is good.
You can't go wrong with a chicken curry clay pot!
Their pho' has just the right spices to soothe your hunger and soul. Note - the cup and bowl are totally different (same broth but bowl/pot has all the goodies.)
I eat the lemongrass chicken to clear my head during cold season!

Because it is made fresh daily, you may experience some slight variations ie. saltiness, tightness of rolls, thickness of sauces etc...
I take it as part of the charm!

The place is charming and cozy. Choice of traditional table seating or low table pillow seating.

I struggled to not give it an excellent rating. I didn't because of the Americanization of the food, and some of the inconsistencies.
For me, this is the kind of place you go to for good, friendly, casual food with a Vietnamese flair. Then again, maybe it is more on the "authentic" side because of the casualness of the food and environment.
bydanielle, April 10, 2011
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Ho Hum. With all the hype and accolades (and a few recommendations) I was expecting more than just a mediocre burger and fries. I ordered a small bacon cheese and small fry and just about loaded the thing with toppings. Kudos for a set price and toppings "free".

B = The beef was good, not fab, just good.
D- = Bun - standard restaurant supply generic white sesame seed.
B = Iceberg lettuce and tomato.
A+ = Fresh sliced jalapenos & grilled onions.
A = crispy generous bacon (compared to other "2 thin slice" places)
F = canned rubbery mushrooms. BOO!
C- = Thick cut skins fries (which I usually LOVE elsewhere) here were heavy and soggy - almost to the rubbery point. Disappointing

Now onto the ambiance...
Noise level from grill and music made it very difficult to order and enjoy company. Hard chairs and small tables made it uncomfortable to eat in.

C for the food - average
D for the ambiance - below average
For the price, you can get a better burger and fries elsewhere.
Based on visit Saturday noon April 9, 2011