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The Dancing Bear

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A Little Cheese With My Wine.
I love the Bear, the bartenders are all awesome, and the owner is one of the coolest people to talk to.

I rarely drink beer, but the pub works that out, seeing as they have an awesome wine selection.

I'm actually going to go up there now. It's awesome.

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I moved to Waco from San Francisco in July. My two years in SF really turned me into a beer snob. The assortment of amazing bars there was, well, amazing! When the time came to move to Waco, I was afraid of the selection of bars I would find. Soon after I move here, I come to find an amazing bar within walking distance of where I live.

My first big appreciation is that they don't put in cheap domestic beers to take up tap space, I'm pretty sure there are 15 taps. There's always a good assortment of craft beers. About half from Texas and the other half from other parts of the country or the world. I have never gotten a bottle, but I think it's a pretty extensive selection.

Second, they rotate in different beers all the time. I have my favorite beers, but I love trying new ones. I have tried so many new beers here.

Third, the atmosphere. It's great lighting, a great pub feel. It kinda feels like everyone knows each other, which they usually do. Met lots of great people here. The patio out back is great too.

Fourth, the bartenders are nice guys and know their stuff.

This bar would be a great bar anywhere, so glad it's in Waco!

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more cider please?
great beers, canned champagne
sitting outside is very nice
"oh hey all my friends!"

Great atmosphere - Great Beer
Dancing Bear is a common place with my friends.

They are Beer Snobs which gives you an appreciation for great beer and the consumption of such.

The outside is the best! Simple but great!

"pub?" more like, "home."
I think I've been to this pub nearly once a week every week since it's opened (minus thesis/comprehensive exam crunch times). It's like Cheers--everyone there knows your name, except Ted Danson isn't there to look at you with his creepy furrowed brows.

There's always a great selection of local beers and seasonal beers. PLUS, if you are afraid of beer, there's cider for the weaklings (myself included), wine for the pretentious, and Sofias (AKA juice boxes for adults--straw included).
caley cby

My Cup of Tea
It did not take long for the Bear to become an essential part of my work week. There is no better place in town to unwind with quality beer, wine and champagne and good company. The staff here is phenomenal. They take good care in knowing every beer they serve down to the hop, and their customers by name. I never hesitate to ask for their drink recommendations. Their back patio with family-style seating adds to the charm of this pub, not to mention their monthly beer and food tastings. Looking forward to my next stay at the Bear!

Best place in town to grab a drink and relax.
Solid selection of bottled beers and a rotating wall of seasonal and locally brewed drafts makes this my go to hang out in town. If you love good beer or want to learn that there's way better beers out there than Miller and Bud Light (you'd do better to drink water than those...) this is the place for you. The very knowledgable staff can quickly recommend something that you'll love.

Dancing Bear pub
I've never had a bad experience at "The Bear." The bartenders are the most knowledgable crew I've come across in Texas. The drinks are always great and the food (from next door at Food for Thought) makes it my go-to pizza and beer place in Waco. Come in and learn a thing or two about craft beers(don't forget to drink them too!) You won't regret it!

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