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Guest blog: Fill up on Elite, Baris, Cafe Homestead bread

May 26, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Guest blog: Fill up on Elite, Baris, Cafe Homestead bread

Guest blogger Monike Garabieta's many funny reviews have made us laugh. The lesson: make us laugh and we'll give you more space.

By Monike Garabieta

Like many fellow Waco, Texans, I have partaken of barbeque on a Sunday afternoon and felt somewhat sinful.

As a student who was once exposed to many new ideas and hot topic issues, I was a vegetarian for six months of my undergraduate career in response to my former lack of ecological responsiveness.

Food fads aside, one thing has always stuck with me, no matter what: my love for bread. As a child, I would eat the crusts off of pizza instead of the pizza itself (a practice that has led me to secretly judge anyone who does not eat their crust today). Now, as an “adult,” I look for places with superior bread-based appetizers. I will happily fill up on these items and save 80% of my dinner item for lunch tomorrow, and I don’t consider that cheating.

So, in case you're anything like me (cheap? love bread? like leftovers?), here's my list of the top 5 places for bready appetizers or sides in Waco:

1. Elite Circle Grille: When it’s happy hour at the Elite, I become slightly offended if my waiter can’t read my mind and know that I want a buttery Elite roll with some transcendent coconut butter on the side. What goes better with a margarita, right? Definitely the best in town.

2. Baris: What is that on top of those rolls? Parsley? Ba-wait, I don’t care. These would be in first place, but they aren’t always consistent. Sometimes they are warm, sometimes it seems like they’ve been out for a while. That matters to some people (buuuuut not to me).

3. Cafe Homestead: The best part about this little bread plate is you never know what you are going to get: I’ve gotten wheat bread, cinnamon raisin bread, and French bread before, and they are all made right there. The only downer about this bread plate is you have to ask for it. I believe it costs a little bit if you want it to come with jam.

4. George’s: They may be small, but they are the perfect compliment to a chicken fried steak if you think you can power through them.

5. D’s Mediterranean Grill: Surprise!! Bet you weren’t expecting this one. These rolls only come with the baskets they serve there, so I don’t feel like it deserves a high spot on the list. The rolls are pretty fabulous, though, and you can order them as an appetizer.

Honorable Chain Mentions

Texas Roadhouse: These are similar in consistency and taste to the Elite rolls (both literally and metaphorically), except they may be a little fluffier (read: air filled).

Red Lobster: Cheesy rolls. Come on!

Panera: I contest that the French bread has crack in it, and would like to be proven otherwise.