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Great Eats
Well what can I say ,This was our first visit to Texas Roadhouse and it was amazing Great atmosphere... Fantastic food and a lot of it for a low price,Great wait staff very friendly and attentive ,Manger came to our table twice.. It was loud but fun and I really liked the southern music.I really liked the peanuts on the table .I highly recommend this restaurant and we will be returning to it again... Patty Ard

Not crunchy in a good way.
Let's get this out of the way: Texas Roadhouse is NOT ACTUALLY FROM TEXAS. They're based out of Indiana. Indiana Roadhouse seems like a perfectly lovely name to me, but I guess the marketing geniuses must've realized our state is just better in every way and went ahead with one of the biggest lies ever made, ever, in the history of the restaurant biz.

Really, do we even have places like this? Part of it tries to be somewhat divey with the peanuts on the floor, but the rest of it is just too...neat. Put-together. Corporate. The overall ambiance of Indiana Roadhouse is a confusing mish-mash of contradictions. Like, are the waitresses required to wear the gaudiest rhinestone belts they can find, like they're straight outta Tyler? But...but......the food is straight off a national menu--that makes no sense.

I'm not a fan of the peanuts on the floor thing. Like, at all. Call it undiagnosed OCD, but it just seems dirty. I mean, the rest of the restaurant seems quite clean and all, but then you step out of your booth onto the floor and--*crunch*. You know what else crunches when you step on it? Cockroaches. Crickets. All manner of unsanitary insects. No, sir, I don't like it. I've never actually seen any insects here because in all other respects, the dining room is kept neat as a pin, but I still feel...dirtier than I should be somehow. Peanut dust. Everywhere. Not a good feeling.

The food is...edible? It's your average chain steakhouse, nothing more, nothing less. Everything's just a little bit salty for consistency and preservation's sake. The fluffy rolls are pretty good, but...that's all I got.

Service is all right. Lots of friendly high school chicks. Roadhouse seems like a solid "My First Waitressing Gig" for those who work here.

My parents liked it. It's close to Baylor. Do the math. They win at picking a location.

Overall, though, there's really not much to set Roadhouse apart from Outback, Logan's, or any number of chain steak joints in town. Maybe they should've been "Indiana Roadhouse," gone full retard with the theme, and stole Quaker Steak's Days of Thunder.

Not quite as good as usual
We had a trainee server but that was not the problem. She was learning the ropes and I'm patient with that kind of thing, especially since I have a college student daughter who waits tables. Service was not the issue. It was the food.

The onion blossom was SMALL for our group of five and just not that good. It was hot, but the breading not thick and not quite as tasty as usual. The ranch was good and fresh and they were courteous enough to bring extra for our good sized group.

The green beans were very, very salty. Too salty to eat, really and I like salt.

The rolls were small and not as fresh, hot and flavorful as usual. They were kind of dry.

I have never had the baked sweet potato before and that was probably a taste thing. It was very, very sweet and not to my liking. Next time I'll stick with the regular baked potato.

My steak, a 6 oz. sirloin medium well, was cooked properly and that was probably the best tasting thing I had. It was over salted as well, but not enough to keep me from eating it like the green beans.

I will go back. It may have been an off Saturday and the ONLY time I have been disappointed in TR, but I will wait awhile.

My son's favorite
This has been my 4 year old son's favorite restaurant for about a year. For some reason he just likes the atmosphere--nice and loud, lots of people around all the time. And it helps that they have Kraft mac and cheese on the kid's menu.

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