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bytexas traveler, January 9, 2015
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Manny's On The River
The place is really big inside due to the remodel. There's a deck outside that holds 200 probably. The food is excellent. I got fahitas and my husband got enchilada dinner. The second time we went I got tacos which were better than any taco I ever got in Waco .
There are a few things that need fixing. The windows need some kind of film or something to get the evening sun out of your face. the second time we went the place was empty but we couldn't find a table or booth that didn't have sun glaring in your eyes. The waitress forgot my tortillas twice. My husband was almost through eating before I got to start mine because I couldn't get tortillas.I finally asked (after asking my own waitress twice) another waitress to bring me some and he did fast.
it's new the kinks have to be worked out. but worth it believe me the food is good.
bytexas traveler, June 13, 2014
really good food, really good service, really good atmosphere, really really really bad parking situation. had to park 4 blocks away. and there was a deliver truck (18 wheeler) out front delivering groceries through the front door. but the food is worth the pain to get there.
bytexas traveler, June 12, 2014
it's just like every other Chinese buffet. same food except they don't have mixed dishes like pepper steak, chicken and veggies, etc. they had 2, chicken and broccoli and steak and broccoli other then that its the same as all the others. The generals chicken was not eatable, too tough to chew. They do have more desserts.
I won't go back because I can get better food at the other 2 buffets in town.