byjax, November 12, 2011
Today was my 2nd trip to Pho Cafe and I ordered the same thing as the first time, #30, Stir Fried Green Bean Vermicelli & Minced Crab Meat & Vegetables. It's wonderful. It's so good I'll probably get it again the next time. Actually, in order for me to try anything else they have, I'll need company so I can taste what they get. I'm addicted.

But, back to #30. Don't be fooled by "green beans", as they are what we call "snap beans", and they are minimal. However, the crab meat and a little pork take this dish on a flavor explosion. Really, the flavors infused in the vermicelli make it the star of this dish, and, I typically don't like pasta. But the vermicelli noodles are crisp, not slimy, and the crab, pork, and veggies add just the right amount of intensity. I didn't use any soy sauce because the dish is a little on the salty side, but that's probably why I love it. Be back soon....