bycindy_moreno, October 23, 2012
Looking for a place for friends and family, with a large variety of food, good atmosphere for a casual get together, and moderately good service, George’s Restaurant is the place to go.
One of the best things about George’s is their variety of original recipes with a home-cooked flavor. From American to Tex-Mex and Seafood, George’s offers it all. Even though George’s does have an extensive menu, their menu is not made with the health conscious or vegetarian guest in mind. Unfortunately there are very minimum choices that would fit their needs.
What is good food without good place to enjoy it? George’s has that too. They offer a casual atmosphere for every type of customer. There are three areas at George’s: a dining room, the bar, and the deck. For a laid back family dinner, the dining room would be the best option. Not only is George’s a good place to go out with the family but also a place to grab some drinks with friends at their full service bar. The most exciting place at George’s would be the “Big O Deck”, made especially with rowdy sports fans in mind.
Although George’s does provide great food with a fun atmosphere, quick and efficient service is not their strong suit. Due to such popularity there is always a significant wait to get seated during dinnertime and all day on weekends. Along with the long wait time the staff, although very amiable, is not very efficient. The restaurant is always so busy that the servers have more than enough tables to attend to and cannot lend any one table all or even a sufficient amount of their attention.
So, if a large variety of good food and an up beat and personal setting is higher on the list of priorities than getting waited on hand and foot or quick service, make sure to visit George’s Restaurant and bar.