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Vegas Buffet

Maggy Dby

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Vegas Buffet or will you take a gamble
First off I gotta say how surprised I was with how packed this place was. I was expecting sushi since on the front they advertise the sushi. No sushi, although I heard it could be coming soon. They have a grill where you choose some meats and veggies and a few items. This part of the restaurant needs to be expanded! If you've ever been to a Flat Top Grill they specialize in creating your own stir fry with many different sauces, spices, grains and veggies.

The actual buffet part... Meh. Run of the mill as far as "Asian buffets" go. Your pizzas, fried chickens, rice with mixed with veggies and meats salted with veggies added. This isn't a bad buffet by any means. It doesn't live up to the high quality buffets in Las Vegas though.