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WiseGuys - A Chicago Eatery


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Great food, Great people.
My wife and I love Wiseguys plain and simple. My wife's family is from New Jersey, about 30 miles from Philly. Naturally my wife being from that area has held a high standard for cheesesteaks. When she moved to Texas she ordered a cheese steak from a restaurant and was disappointed. She hadn't had one since until Wiseguys showed up talking a big game about their food. She tried it and bam! loves it. The fellas at wiseguys have a real steak sandwich. The key is thinly shaved steak, not the fajita meat that Texas thinks is cheese steak. Waco do yourself a favor and try wiseguys. There is nothing else like it in town and its a well needed break from Mexican, Burgers and chain restaurants.
Owner's reply

Glad you guys loved it. Hope to see ya back soon.