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The Egg and I


Best Breakfast in Waco
I hate it when you talk a place up to your friends and then a place doesn't live up to expectations. When I heard The Egg and I was coming to Waco, I immediately got excited and told everyone that they should get excited about it. Being from Tyler originally, I've eaten at Tyler's Egg and I several times and began a love affair with their huge menu and range of breakfast flavors.

Due to some reason I don't know, it took me a few weeks to finally get over to check it out, and I lured a 10-top of people to come with me. I was nervous but excited. Was this going to live up to the hype? Am I crazy? Do I put faith in it being up to par in the restaurant's first few weeks? (See the majority of BJ's reviews...)

As soon as my party sat down and opened the menu, smiles happened all across the table. I think I heard "Whoa, this menu is huge" and "This will take Cafe Cap out of the rotation" within a few minutes of sitting down. People were sold on the menu alone. Then the food came. And then they ate it. And it was AMAZING.

The Eggs Benedicts were a big hit across the board (they have about 6 or 7 variations). Serving sizes are huge. You can also "load" your side of potatoes if you want to elevate your awesomeness. Lucky for me, their fall special is a pumpkin and pecan waffle and it was hands down the best waffle I've ever had. With one quick meal The Egg and I made 10 people repeat (and regular) customers. This is a way bigger deal to Waco breakfast connoisseurs than the Hewitt Cafe Cappuccino and I hope everyone gives it a try.

My only complaint is they close at 2 on weekdays and 2:30 on weekends. As a big proponent of breakfast for dinner, this makes me sad, but Cracker Barrel usually does the trick when the craving hits.

P.S.-Also, to clarify the title of this post, I did say the best breakfast in Waco. I say that because Homestead is a little outside Waco... Calm down people.