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I Don't Get It?
What is the standard for a casual, bar type restaurant? It needs to be distinguishable from other restaurants so that people know exactly where they are going. It needs to maintain a certain atmosphere that costumers want to be a part of and is enjoyable so that they come back. So then with those conditions, George’s does not fall under the traditional bar/restaurant feel.
Walking into George’s, one is immediately cramped for space. The entrance into the restaurant is literally two feet, so in the case of waiting for the rest of your party to arrive, space is limited. Right as you walk in, you are bombarded with chairs. If they were all occupied at once it would probably cause a fire hazard. I am unaware with what they do with large parties due to the absence of effective space. What if I don’t want to eat with only three people? Oh well, find somewhere else to dine sufficiently and because of this it will not be on the list to go for my birthday.
Also, the atmosphere of the restaurant is both confined and peculiar. One is constantly making sure that they do not back up into the next person and repeatedly having to remember their manners. I don’t want to be confined when I’m dining but free and not constricted. It makes things uncomfortable for everyone to fully enjoy their meal. And for me that is something that I highly take into consideration.
Now, if you can get over all of these important details and do not feel that you’re experience is necessary to enjoy great food, then be my guest, George’s is the best place for you. But for me, I care about those things and my experience did not have me thinking that I wanted to attend again.