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Home of the Big “O” Gets a Big O’ A+
George’s Restaurant and Bar, established in 1930, is a popular place for Baylor students to congregate whether it be to relax with friends over a “Big O,” keep up with sports games thanks to the numerous televisions available in the restaurant and bar, or escape the hectic lifestyle that college creates by drowning yourself in the grease of its famous onion rings. Regardless of what brings patrons, George’s will meet and exceed expectations, in spite of the wait time required, because of the variation the menu offers and the atmosphere that has enticed people throughout the decades.
People may think they cannot wait to sink their teeth into George’s tasty morsels, but wait they will, beginning with parking. Though George’s is surrounded by a small parking lot and offers a decent-size lot next door, there are simply not enough spaces for all its customers. When parked, then begins the long wait for a table.
Fortunately for George’s, it offers a wide selection of food and drinks ranging from American to Mexican, burgers to catfish, and sodas to the Big O’s, eighteen-ounce alcoholic beverages, which erases all memory of the unpleasant delay. By supplying a wide range of foods, anyone, regardless of age, can find an item that meets one’s dining mood; therefore, there is no need for a fight to break out between family when trying to decide on a specific type of cuisine, for George’s offers a variety.
It takes more than an assortment of food to keep the crowds. People must not only be pleased with the food served but also need to enjoy the overall experience. George’s serves up an “A” in this respect. The atmosphere at George’s is top notch whether one is looking for a family-friendly eatery or a place to “chill” with buddies as the bar is completely separate from the restaurant.
Furthermore, the various televisions available throughout not only the bar, but the restaurant as well, offer the perfect location to dine for a sports addict who cannot eat without watching a game. Not only is it the perfect place to enjoy a game, it is also the prime location to be after a Baylor football game.
Through George’s menu variation and welcoming atmosphere, the wait for parking and a table is hardly noticeable. Individuals will continue to visit George’s Restaurant and Bar because it is the perfect “hang out” for all ages.