User Review

The Egg and I


In a hurry, so ate takeout
I can't give this an 'eggcellent' yet, but that is mostly because it is early in the process, they are packed, and things are taking a long time. The food is quite good, even takeout and eaten 15 min later in the office as it was.
I ordered the philly benedict for myself. Overall I give it very high marks, the muffin could have been a bit warmer and melted the cheese, but otherwise it was very good, and something I will eat again!

Another in the office got a deluxe egg sandwich, wished it had been over easy eggs but otherwise said it was great and enjoyed the potato. If you want the deluxe egg a bit runny just ask I am sure they will gladly do it.

My only reason for giving it lower marks right now, is that they were very very slow for what should be quite fast. I am however not marking off too much as they are new and I not only hope for, but expect improvement in the speed of the cooking portion of the process. I waited about 25 min today, which I think is too long for breakfast/egg dishes, but it is early and that will improve!

I'd much rather go to egg and I than to denny's or IHOP, the location is great for me, and the environment is good and friendly, I expect I will eat some early morning end of day 'dinners' at breakfast hours there in the month months.