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A long slow slide downhill
What a shame. When I first came to town five years ago, this was one of my favorite places to eat and drink. Knowledgable staff, great beer selection, good solid menu of bar food, generous portions, TVs for sports, and reasonable prices. In five years the menu has changed three times--each time shrinking and getting more expensive. The food quality has suffered as well; the knowledgable staff is gone. They have cut back on their cable bill (I guess),; on a recent Saturday they did not have the Baylor game available (other restaurants in town did). The staff now seem befuddled by any beer selection remotely out of the ordinary.
But really the food--its kind of a travesty what they now charge for what you get, both in quality and quantity. My wife and I recently went there only to overpay for what was mediocre food we could have gotten at any place in Waco.
On a side note, I have never had the trouble with crowding mentioned in the other reviews.