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Papa Bears


Won't go back
Husband told me about the food said i had to try it so we went on 8/12/2012 for lunch it took them 20 minutes to take our order they were not real busy we ordered a burrito with beans,chicken,cheese, and guacamole with chips a hot sauce. Okay the hot sauce tasted like caned tomatoes that had been chopped up no taste what so ever but tomato and about 30 minutes later when they finally brought us our food they left the beans off my burrito. They finally came buy and refiled my husbands drink but then later mine needed a refill didn't happen. The chicken in the burrito had no taste to it in fact it tasted like the chicken had been cooked the day before and then reheated it was tough and the guacamole was just smashed up avocados no taste at all. So after we finished our lunch we went to check out i went to the truck and my husband paid it took right around 10 minutes to pay the bill he was the only one in line. I say they need to learn how to use their time and work on the food its amazing what a little seasoning will do to your food. Sorry won't be going back.