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two words: oriental fries (subtext: ...are the freakin s#$%)
The first time I went to Kitok, I was a little unsure. But, being the adventurous food type, I went inside the small, white, and practically condemned building with an open mind.

Yeah, okay, sure, the walls are wood paneled, the menu is the strangest amalgamation of food you will ever see, and the tea has a distinct twinge to it above and beyond the taste of Waco water (side bonus: they DO serve RC cola for those premium cola drinkers out there).

Then, someone ordered oriental fries for a little treat. They come out as this fried mass of Lord-Knows-What, but by golly, I ate them. They aren't too greasy, have a bizarro texture, and disappear before you know what happened. Sure, I was slightly nervous that I might get food poisoning based on the shady atmosphere, but then I thought - give me oriental fries, or give me death.