User Review

Pho Cafe Saigon


I feel conflicted about my recent trip to Pho Cafe Saigon. Our waitress was admittedly "a bit of a mess." We tried the dim sum in addition to some regular menu items. The dim sum was hit and miss. Some of it was absolutely delicious, especially the wrapped sweet rice, stuffed tofu, and the crescent shaped dumplings (not sure which menu item they were because the waitress didn't know what was what). The other half of our dim sum order seemed like sad reheated shu mai, old duck, or there wasn't the right ratio of steamed bun to filling (some of which tasted like old pot roast). The bahn mi was excellent, really flavorful and fresh. The pho had a lot of potential, but didn't quite live up to our expectations.

I really would love a dim sum place to go to on the weekend, so I am hoping they succeed and work out some of the kinks. We'll be back to try it again soon.