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Papa Bears


Not Just BBQ
Earlier in the summer, my wife brought home one of the best burgers I've tasted since moving to Waco. She told me it was a place she stumbled upon while on her way to another eatery. When I asked the name, she excitedly said Papa Bears. She wanted to take me there for breakfast the next weekend, unfortunately we had to wait a few more weeks. Eventually we went back and had breakfast. The staff was nice and made us feel as if we were "old regulars" there. My wife had a breakfast burrito and I had the breakfast sandwich. The portion was huge, especially for the amount of money we spent. Both of these meals were beyond tasty. In fact, the food was so good, we decided to go there the next day for an early dinner. We were heartbroken to drive up and see that they close at 2pm (we missed it by an hour).