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Unlike Anything Else in Waco
I did a film project on Rosati's and got to try a lot of the menu because of that. The funny thing was, I can't think of anything I tried that wasn't fantastic. Even the hot dogs were great, and I'm usually not a huge dog fan.

The Chicago-style pizzas are like nothing else I've ever had. I don't even like tomatoes, but that chunky sauce that's over the whole pizza is just tangy and wonderful. The Chicago-style pizzas are also HUGE. If I order one just for myself, I have enough left over for lunch for the next week. They're well worth the wait. The regular pizzas are delicious as well. I don't think it's possible to go wrong with anything on the menu, and I'm the pickiest person I know.

The music on Thursday nights is also wonderful. Bruce Carbonara is a talented dude. It's impossible to leave without a big silly grin on your face.